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Why the South seceded

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  • Raymond
    I found this on another group.{courtesy of Wiregrass Willie} well worth reading, it s an editorial from a Southern newspaper in the early days of secession
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2010
      I found this on another group.{courtesy of Wiregrass Willie}

      well worth reading, it's an editorial from a Southern newspaper in the early days of secession

      Gate City Guardian (Atlanta, Ga) February 23, 1861

      Slave Republic.

      The institution of African Slavery produced the Secession of the
      Cotton States. If it had not existed, the Union of the State. would,
      to-day, be complete. But, by the existence of African Slavery in
      the Southern States, civilization has arrived at a degree of
      perfection equal to that of any age in the history of the world. Its
      influence and effects are felt and received throughout the length
      and breadth of the globe. And yet, this influence has permeated every
      section of the earth to some extent or other, despite the most
      virulent opposition of the Free States of the Federal Union, and the
      combined influence of the Great Powers of Europe. Cotton, as it has
      been called by Henry A. Wise, "the Sampson's hair of the South, the
      great staple and product of Slave labor," now holds in check the
      ambition of Kings and Potentates -- it curbs the opposition of
      Emperors and usurpers -- allays schemes of conquest and rapine and
      even holds in obeyance the essence and quint-essence of diabolical and
      unscrupulous Puritanism.

      Such, however, was the grandeur of this system of African Slavery in
      the Southern States, and such was the lust of power, envy and hatred
      of the Institution, by the Puritans or the North, that, to complete
      its destiny in the cause of civilization, the Cotton States have been
      compelled to sever an alliance with those who seek its destruction or
      abolition. The destruction or abolition of African Slavery at the
      South, would cause more distress in the civilized world than all the
      civil wars recorded in the book of Time. It would desolate We Eden
      of the earth, avert the progress or the arts and sciences, sow deep
      the seed of infidelity, efface the proud boon of Christianity, beggar
      the rich, starve the poor, and erect upon its ruins the alter of
      beastliness, shrouded in the mantle of the dark ages !

      Secession, then, being a necessity, in view of the perpetuation Of
      African Slavery, no State should be permitted to become a member of
      the Southern Confederacy, unless it be a Slaveholding state, and
      specially declaring, in the act of entrance into the Southern
      Confederacy that African Slavery is right, socially, morally,
      politically, and a blessing to the African. And, furthermore, it
      should be Constitutionally provided that no State, or member of the
      Southern Confederacy should abolish, or enact any law detrimental to
      Slavery unless by the consent of the unanimous voice of every State
      composing the Southern Confederacy.

      And, again, the Constitution of the Southern Confederacy should not
      under any circumstance, for any reason, in view of any policy, place
      any restrictions upon the African Slave Trade. Let the Constitution of
      the Southern Confederacy say nothing about the Slave Trade, either one
      way or the other. If the States want wild Africans, let them have
      them, and, for the sake of our ancestry, and for the sake of Slave
      owners at this day, or who may hereafter be, let the brand of piracy
      be applied to no gentlemen of the Southern Confederacy. And for
      those whose consciences are so tender, whose sensitivities are so
      delicate, and whose inherent sympathies of suffering humanity are no
      great that they effervese in Puritanical horror at the bare mention of
      the Slave Trade, we can only, Lord help them, and help them quickly to
      move to the dominions of anti Slavery. For if the Slave Trade is
      wrong, the institution itself is also wrong, and the sooner we leave
      it, or get rid of it, the better.

      If, however, the Constitution of the Southern Confederacy should
      prohibit the African Slave Trade, Slavery will not be in a whit
      better condition in the new than it was in the old Government.
      Consequently, to perpetuate it, States will again secede. Here are
      decreed facts.
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