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2012 News

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  • Geoff Stray
    2012 News 1st Feb 2004 (from 2012: Dire Gnosis) www.diagnosis2012.co.uk New on What s New : http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/new5.htm a.. The Celestial Cow in
    Message 1 of 42 , Feb 1, 2004
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      2012 News 1st Feb 2004

      (from 2012: Dire Gnosis) www.diagnosis2012.co.uk


       New on What's New : http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/new5.htm

      • The Celestial Cow in 3114 BC: More evidence from Egypt, the Maya, and ice cores from Peru, that there was a comet impact in 3114 BC, at the start of the Long Count.

      • 2012: A Space Oddyssey: Jay Weidner has an updated version of his essay, Alchemical Kubrick 2001: the Great Work on Film, and also a transcript of his recent interview (January 2004) with Network X, which is called, "Fulcanelli, Alchemy, The Great Cross at Hendaye and the Mystery of the Cathedrals".

      • The Stela for printed out from the Maya horoscope software.

      • The Romanek Mystery and the Cube of Space: Vincent Bridges' new article examines the coincidence between Stan Romanek's mathematical equations and diagrams (from an apparently ET source) and his own theory of hypercube alignment.

      New on 2012 Links:  http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/link.htm

      • Acacialand: A facinating site based around Rami Sajdi's study of "the bedouin shamans of Southern Jordan", and their use of "spirit plants" including acacia and Syrian Rue. This gives support to Ananda's theory that the original Soma was acacia and Syrian Rue, which contain DMT and harmaline, and would thus in combination formn a kind of Ayahuasca effect. DMT, as we have seen, is closely linked to revelations and prophecies involving 2012.

      • Omega Point Institute now has ten domains, with another under construction. The 2012 department is now called 2012Eschaton.com 

      New on Maya Links: http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/mlink.htm

      Under the Unusual calculators heading:

      •  Wasak’lom K’in calculates night lords, (9-day cycle) 819-day cycle (=91 night lords cycles); Venus age; moon age; adjust for historian or astronomers year; adjust correlation; read instructions 

      Under the Maya links section:

      • Maya Augury and Prophecy in the Books of Chilam Balam. A new page on Mike Finley's Real Maya prophecies site.

      Near the top of the page:

      • Free Mayan horoscope software that will build and print your Tzolkin-based character analysis and birth-date stela, but the characters are either good, or bad. Since Mike Finley's Chilam Balam Augury also foresees days as either good or bad, I wondered if they would correlate, but they don't seem to, at first glance.

      New on Other 2012 Links: http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/oth.htm

      • Geryl & Rattinckx's Orion Prophecy is now out in Spanish and Polish (cover pic)

      • Spirit 2012: a French New Age site

      • Cover picture of The Plumed Serpent (La Serpiente Emplumada) by Alberto Beuttenmuller.   

      New on 2012 Books: http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/books.htm

      • The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce: Interdimensional Communication and Global Transformation by Wynn Free with David Wilcock: A biography of David Wilcock, (whose website aims to offer scientific proof that 2012 will bring a dimensional shift); the book includes hitherto unpublished material by Wilcock on "the galactic energetic mechanism of DNA evolution".

      • Resurrection by Steve Alten: Coming this month: The follow-up to Alten's fictional book, Domain, starts in 2013 with the birth of the Hero Twins.

      New on 2012 Video: http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/vid.htm

      • Healing the Luminous Body: the way of the Shaman: Jay Weidner's film featuring Alberto Villoldo on the Peruvian shamanic remedy for the luminous body in preparation for 2012.

      New On 2012 Events: http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/events.htm  

      • 2012-A Multimedia Journey Through the Past 225 Million Years:  A three-hour workshop presented on PowerPoint by Barry and Janae Weinhold, in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA on February 5th 2004.

      • Izapa: The Origin of the 2012 Mayan Calendar: John Major Jenkins will be conducting a workshop at the Conscious life Expo held in Los Angeles USA on February 13-15 2004.

      • Portals of Ascension 2003 - 2013+ ...Stepping-Stones Through the 'End Time': Channeler Sophia Parker-Reeves will provide evening seminars & one-day workshops will help her audience "maximize the energy" of "each annual "Portal of Ascension"" to prepare for the "quantum leap in human consciousness in A.D. 2012" in Toronto, Canada on February 21 and April 17th 2004.

      • Nexus 2004: John Major Jenkins will be speaking at the Nexus Conference 2004, held in Amsterdam on March 27-28 2004.

      Other News:

      Joel Keene will be posting a new article today, (1st January 2004) on his website, concerning the latest coincidences around his quest, and telling the story of his recent trip to the Flores area of Guatemala, where he was led following a hypnotic regression. Incredibly, the landscape matched the one of his regression and he thinks he has now located the Mesoamerican Hall of Records...Joel's website (check under "articles" or "stories")


    • Geoff Stray
      2012 News Mar/Apr/May 2005 (from 2012: Dire Gnosis) www.diagnosis2012.co.uk HOT NEWS!!: The Fractal Time website is back online after 6 years absence, and the
      Message 42 of 42 , Apr 5, 2006
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        2012 News Mar/Apr/May 2005

        (from 2012: Dire Gnosis) www.diagnosis2012.co.uk

        HOT NEWS!!: The Fractal Time website is back online after 6 years absence, and the Timewave software is now available again: http://www.hermetic.ch/frt/frt.htm

        AND... Beyond 2012 is now available from Amazon UK at Discount and dispatched straight away!


        New on What's New : http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/new9.htm

        a.. Carl Calleman's Offensive on 2012: JMJ Replies: Carl Calleman has recently sequestered Don Alejandro as an ally to his personal crusade to change the end-date to 2011, but it seems he has edited some of the information...

        b.. Robert Sitler's "Critique" on 2012: Dire Gnosis Replies : The article, The 2012 Phenomenon: New Age Appropriation of an Ancient Mayan Calendar, by Robert Sitler of Stetson University, has recently appeared on the Novo Religio site, and questions the current interest in 2012 as being based on nothing more than the date of "a cyclical change in an ancient calendar". However, Dire Gnosis points out in an open letter, that Mr. Sitler is unaware of many of the pertinent facts that challenge the main points of his essay...

        c.. Shamanic Visions of Peru and 2012: A correspondent supplies his 2012 visions.

        d.. Baseball Star's OOBE Leads to a Statement about 2012: Darren Daulton's statements about 2012 have led to derision from the media, and he has replied.

        e.. New 2012 Dream Project: The latest results of the annual Dreaming Our Way to 2012 Project.

        New on 2012 Links: http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/link.htm

        a.. New Living: Creating a More Loving World to Help us Through to a Golden Age: Channeling plus Nibiru plus Calleman

        b.. The Project for Metaphysical, Spiritual, and Religious Study: Includes Maya 2012 and Hindu 2013 - and The System Design of 2012 - a unique perspective on 2012 through from the angle of Systems Theory.

        c.. Fractal Time: Peter Meyer, the man who designed the Timewave Zero software for Terence McKenna has just put a re-vamped version of the Fractal time website back online, with Timewave software on sale again!

        New on 2012 books: http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/books.htm

        a.. The Return of the Feathered Serpent Shining Light of 'First Knowledge': Survival and Renewal at the End of an Age, 2006-2012 by J.C. Husfelt, D.D: The Feathered Serpent has returned according to this book, and the author claims to be the archetypal Feathered Serpent himself! He guides the reader in awakening as a Feathered Serpent or "Sun of God", to embrace their divine nature at the closing of the cycle.

        b.. The Ark of Millions of Years Volume Two: 2012 and the Harvest of the End Times by E. J. Clark & B. Alexander Agnew PhD. The blurb includes "...The Tzolkin wheels in the ancient Aztec calendar measured Jesus' end of the age..."

        c.. Free 2012 ebook (updated): Souls of Distortion Awakening/Convergence of Science and Spirituality by Jan Wicherink This has now been re-edited and updated and is recommended reading...see Dire Gnosis comment on the 2012 Books page.

        d.. 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl by Daniel Pinchbeck: Forthcoming in May 2006...Review coming...

        e.. Lost Star of Myth and Time by Walter Cruttenden. Cruttenden is a contributor to the Sirius Research Group, who interpret the precession cycle, not as a slow rotation of earth's axis, but the phenomena we interpret as that movement actually represents the movement of our solar system around another centre - Sirius. The book includes several mentions of 2012, and is thus included on the 2012-Search Inside Books page

        New on 2012 Search Inside Books: http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/books2.htm

        a.. Book of Life, Ascension and the Divine World Order by Dr Michael Sharp. Sharp says the Maya targeted 2012 as the end of time, but the whole process would now occur in 2003. This misunderstanding originates in disinformation and has been dealt with already on this site. The Sylvia Brown 2003 Error and Jumping on the 2003/2012 Bandwagon

        b.. Lost Star of Myth and Time by Walter Cruttenden. The book includes several mentions of 2012 - see entry under 2012 Books, above.

        New on Other 2012 Links & Languages: http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/oth.htm

        a.. 21 Dicembre 2012 by Adami Alessio: An Italian work of fiction. The instant translation says this is "...the umpteenth epileptic production of Alessio Adami"...

        New on 2012 Events: http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/events.htm

        a.. Stray in the UK 2006: More dates to see the Dire Gnosis webmaster spout forth... Details for Ipswich, May. The Sunrise Celebration, nr. Taunton, Somerset UK June 2006; Glastonbury Symposium, Glastonbury, Somerset, UK, July 2006; The Big Green Gathering, nr. Cheddar Somerset, UK August 2006.

        b.. Philip Snow's talk on ascension and 2012 will be at Betley, near Crewe on Saturday 8th April.

        New on 2012 Video: http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/vid.htm

        a.. The DVD of Geoff Stray's recent presentation at the UFO Congress in Nevada (February 2006) is now available from the UFO Congress site store: http://www.ufocongressstore.com/servlet/the-245/Geoff-Stray-(U.K.)-Presents/Detail

        Other News:

        a.. Joel Keene's latest 2012-co-incidence installment, Calendrical Corroboration, is available at http://www.authorsden.com/visit/viewarticle.asp?AuthorID=10788

        a.. An email from James Henry to Dire Gnosis (19th march 2006) said: "It was reported during the week in the guardian science supplement that Scientists from NOA expect there to be very serve and active sunspot activity on the sun from the end of this year until 2011/2012. In fact they believe that the next solar max will be the most intense since 1957. However no reason is given in the article about why this particular max will be so intense. The article also states that its possible that auras will be observable from regions not normally subject to this type of activity i.e Mexico, southern Europe."

        b.. The Chandlers wobble anomaly: the wobble has recovered its motion after stopping for about 4 months, but has reversed direction. See http://www.michaelmandeville.com/earthmonitor/polarmotion/2006_wobble_anomaly.htm

        c.. Extra compact "Whats So Special About 2012? article as in Avalon Rising 2005 http://www.avalonrising.co.uk/AvalonRising05-A4pages.pdf

        d.. Phylis Atwater, who wrote Beyond the Indigo Children (see 2012 Books page), has written this article The Earth Changes Have Begun at http://www.cinemind.com/atwater/EarthChanges.html and also an article explaining the concept of the Fifth Root Race and its connection to the Fifth World of the Hopi and Maya: CHILDREN OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM AND THE CONCEPT OF ROOT RACES here: http://www.cinemind.com/atwater/childex2.html

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