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Progress Report on Planet Earth

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  • Abraxas Incarnate
    Friends- as we approach 2012 there are many issues to consider. One of the most important convergences to examine is the intersection of contact with alien
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2003
      Friends- as we approach 2012 there are many issues to consider. One
      of the most important convergences to examine is the intersection of
      contact with alien life, occult theories of history, and the radical
      implications of 20th century psychological/scientific breakthroughs.
      The following story, which I wrote a few years ago, attempts to paint
      a picture of one possible apocalyptic scenario that could result from
      this convergence. My point is not found in the plotline I spin but
      rather the implications which arise from the spinning process.


      Fear, like love, is a universal emotion. All intelligent creatures in
      the cosmos, even the stars themselves, filter experience through
      those twin poles. I had complacently come to believe that my fears
      were under control. Until, that is, I was called home to deliver my
      final report on the thing I love the most- the planet called Earth.

      I was supposed to remain objective. My mission was simple, routine,
      something I had done before on a hundred worlds with no feelings
      whatsoever. In fact, it was my outstanding track record of impartial
      analysis that got me the assignment. Three surveyors had already been
      sent and failed. Apparently, they were unable to relate to Earth's
      brain. It scared them.

      "Nothing makes any sense in the planetary soul," was how the first
      one described the situation. "It appears to be merely a mass of
      conflicting impulses," reported another. The third put it more
      concisely: "Insanity."

      And so the Council assigned me the job, as they had always done in
      the past with "problem cases". The complexity of Earth baffled my
      young colleagues. Most planetary brains develop with a basic
      metaphysical program. Here, however, something different was

      The Council was worried. Would this strange new consciousness in
      development be a threat to us? In time, could it discover the Great
      Secret we have kept for so many eons?

      If so, it would be the Day of Judgment we have collectively feared
      ever since the surveying began, ages ago.

      The Old Order was built on the premise that the New Age would always
      be far off in the future. The majority of my people didn't believe
      the ancient prophecies anymore. If it were to all suddenly come true,
      chaos would result. Beings such as we do not react well to change.
      Fear of the unknown is, after all, the first and most powerful terror
      intelligence must face. If you have spent your entire life
      comfortably assuming that you know it all, to have that shattered can
      be an unrecoverable shock.

      I was no different than anyone else, at the start. I began the
      mission with my priorities in line with the Council's agenda. Little
      did I know how profoundly the Earth would change me, how love would
      turn my greatest fear around. Never in my life would I have guessed
      that one day I would wish for the very thing I had been taught to

      I just wanted to travel the stars, you know. Being a religious
      revolutionary was never in my plan.


      Upon arrival, I carefully studied all the information gathered on the
      Earth before choosing my observation post.

      History would record the bipedal, male-female life forms that made up
      Earth's brain by the name Humanity. Their function was to organize
      the neural structure according to elementary societal frameworks. The
      last of these described in survey three was something called Babylon.
      It was a major center for planetary consciousness, where ideas and
      activity came together from various regions of the biosphere. My
      colleague had studied the hyperspatial formulae directing the flow of
      information through this matrix, judging the entire
      affair "irrational and dangerous".

      I was not so sure. Humans referred to the Earth's higher-level
      program in religious terms, something not in itself insane. In their
      social dynamic, rulers were alleged to have divine endorsement, a
      system I had seen before on similar worlds. The reality was, of
      course, based on primitive militaristic concepts, meaning that the
      abstract "divine law" was only as good as the concrete strength
      required to enforce it. I could easily see why on the surface this
      contradictory scenario appeared to be base madness. The Council knew
      as well as I, however, that this was not the case.

      By the time of my arrival, Babylon had long ago (according to Human
      chronology) faded from prominence in the Earth's plan, and another
      neural center had been established. This new city was called
      Alexandria, in the surface region known as Egypt.

      Here I found the Great Library, Humanity's first step out of the
      existential mud and into the light of understanding. All the
      knowledge and history of the Earth was gathered together into one
      magnificent collection. The city was a planetary phenomenon that had
      not been seen before- over a million Humans, more brain cells
      aggregated than anywhere else in the body, all firing their signals
      in harmony.

      I condensed one of my limbs into a three-dimensional Human facsimile
      and went walking through the streets, fascinated by this exciting
      nucleus of energy. Peering into the unconscious region of the
      populace, I easily acquired the requisite languages and customs in
      use. I was immediately struck by the diversity present- a factor that
      pointed towards rapid evolution. Just how accelerated that
      development could become was made clear when I entered the Great
      Library and listened to one particular Human's soul.

      Her name was Cleopatra VII, Queen of Egypt. She emanated the aura of
      divine rule with humor and elegance, enchanting all that came into
      her presence. A quick glance into the minds of those around her
      revealed that she was worshipped with love, considered to be the most
      beautiful, intelligent woman in the world. This was a direct contrast
      to the fear-based rule of most Human leaders. Her power was
      maintained through wisdom, not force. Earth had obviously chosen this
      particular neuron to transmit something special, as I sensed more
      concentrated spiritual energies in her than I would have thought
      possible for a single cell. The planet was personally directing her
      through the use of one of its oldest sub-programs, the goddess known
      as Isis, Queen of Heaven.

      I stood at the back of the enthralled crowd as Cleopatra spoke with
      graceful authority.

      "Our mother, great and merciful Isis, has prepared a home for each of
      you," she was saying, "in a new realm She has inspired me to prepare.
      The door to this realm is hidden behind the Seven Veils of Isis,
      which must be lifted through the practice of The Art. When you have
      done this, Her true face will be revealed, and you shall be given the

      "This key, my Queen," asked an aged man, "is it the Stone of the

      "Yes. It is the stone which is not a stone, the eighth substance made
      from the seven and perfected in the eyes of the Goddess."

      This was interesting, given the current cosmological beliefs of
      Humanity. The Earth was viewed as the center of the universe,
      surrounded by seven concentric spheres representing the motions of
      the seven heavenly bodies visible from the surface. At the eighth
      level, beyond the supposed orbits of these planets, was the dome of
      the fixed stars. This sphere seemed to rotate around the seven-fold
      system in a regular pattern. Across the equator of the dome lay the
      belt of the Zodiac, twelve star constellations used by the Humans to
      measure their years. It was a crude four-dimensional model, but
      interesting. Our third survey had included all this information, as
      it was a perceptual dynamic developed in Babylon.

      But now Earth was moving on. If I followed what Cleopatra was
      symbolically saying, she appeared to be describing a method of
      transcending that old system completely, breaking through to an
      entirely new plane of conscious realization.

      At this point my suspicions led me to action. I stopped the flow of
      time and pulled the mind of this enigmatic woman up into the fourth
      dimension. As I had intuited, the state was nothing new to her. Her
      body image fell away, replaced with that of the Isis archetype. We
      exchanged a series of thoughts, communing in the mists of hyperspace.
      Finally, I made the inquiry.

      "What are you, Cleopatra? Are you Human or Goddess?"

      "I am neither and both," came the reply. "I am the seven-fold realm
      that lies between them. As above, so below."

      I returned her to corporeal reality immediately and advanced myself
      into the fifth dimension, where I transmitted my initial report back
      to the Council. Their worries were legitimate. The Humans were
      planting seeds that could indeed grow hyperspace trees. The branches
      would easily reach our domain. It did not seem possible, but the
      Great Secret was in jeopardy of being discovered at last.

      The response to my report was what I expected: Gather more data in
      preparation for extermination.


      And so I began phase two of the surveying, a task that my teachers
      had assured me would never be required.

      Alexandria continued to be my focus, as The Art of Cleopatra slowly
      grew into the first Human science, Alchemy. The planetary spheres
      were symbolically represented as seven different chemical substances,
      as I had intuited. Through a mystical combination of these substances
      the Philosopher's Stone was produced. With the Stone in hand, the
      alchemist was said to be able to transmute lesser physical elements
      into more perfect forms. The main example given was turning lead, a
      worthless common metal, into gold, which was a rare, highly prized
      one used as a basis for the planet's economic systems. This process
      coded for the real purpose of the work, which was to transmute the
      limited three-dimensional form of the alchemist into the truer,
      hyperspatial one. Humans of course saw this as achieving immortality,
      since they still had no concept of higher dimensions beyond basic
      religious terminology.

      At first I found this quite humorous, as ignorant alchemists wasted
      their lives in vain attempts to produce physical gold. There would be
      no direct threats to the Council's authority for a while, given this
      material distraction. I snickered at the stupidity of the Earth,
      laughing in the face of this Isis and what I understood to be
      Cleopatra's misinterpreted message.

      Then I used the Great Library to study the Isis myth more carefully.
      I soon stopped laughing.

      In the Egyptian religious system, the Human afterlife realm was
      located in a specific area of the night sky called the Duat. In this
      region of the celestial dome lay the brightest star visible from the
      Earth, called Sirius by Cleopatra's people. This was believed to be
      where Isis awaited the faithful, beyond the seven spheres. It was by
      the cycle of Sirius that the Egyptian year had been calibrated,
      rather than the Babylonian Zodiac. I was intrigued, and decided to
      scan my own charts to see whether or not I had been to this Duat in
      any previous surveys.

      Imagine my shock upon realizing that Sirius was in fact my home star.

      I wrestled with panic and denial, as the words of the ancient
      prophecies came back to haunt me. Everything about the situation fit
      the model our long-vanished Creators left us. It was all coming true
      before me.

      This was when I began to get emotionally involved. I had not lost
      faith in the Creators like the members of the Council. I knew they
      would destroy Earth rather than face the reality of the New Age. This
      too was written in the cryptic lines of the Creators. Fate was
      testing me, I decided. What do you really believe? What are you
      prepared to do about it?

      Suddenly, the "stupidity" of Cleopatra's choice to encode the real
      meaning of her message seemed quite wise. It was yet another piece of
      evidence pointing to the prophecies. My prejudices fell away,
      replaced with affectionate respect. Earth knew what it was doing. As
      I proceeded to catalog the full anatomy of the planet in accordance
      with the requirements of the survey's second phase, my love for this
      unique world began to bloom.


      In the short span of sixteen Human centuries I traveled the entire
      globe, recording all that there was to know, all that the Council
      would want on file before they could feel justified in sending this
      beautiful creature hurtling into its own sun.

      I had kept them at bay as long as possible. Now my second report was
      due. Any further delay and the Council would begin to suspect that my
      loyalties had shifted. It was time for me to check on the alchemists
      and see how close they were to discovering the Great Secret.

      The neural network of the Earth was by now quite developed, with
      hundreds of cities processing data simultaneously. Planetary
      awakening was imminent. My point of focus this time was to be found
      within the city of Prague, in the surface section identified as the
      Holy Roman Empire. The cell at the head of this social structure was
      Emperor Rudolph II, a devotee of The Art himself, who employed
      hundreds of alchemists in a special area of Prague called Golden Lane.

      Rudolph may have been the patron, but the true leader of the scene
      was his personal physician, Count Michael Maier. I sent my facsimile
      down to the Golden Lane to hear Maier discourse on the focus of his
      alchemical work- the symbolism of the seven planets. I quickly
      concluded after just a few such sessions that he was even closer to
      the truth than I had imagined. Once more, action was called for.

      As I had done with Cleopatra, I pulled Maier's consciousness into its
      full four dimensions. Like her, he suffered no existential shock,
      proving that his psyche had already expanded to this level on its
      own. Unlike before, however, I revealed myself fully and met his mind
      on an astral plane where we could discuss matters as true equals.

      "I am a messenger from beyond," was how I diplomatically began. "You
      are called to account for your symbols. The fate of your world hinges
      on the answers you give to me right now, today, for all time."

      "My work has been true, celestial one," Maier replied, "so I was
      expecting you."

      "Then tell me of the seven planets."

      "Each is a piece of our collective soul," he said. "Ancient systems
      saw them as gods that rule our lives. The Alexandrians led us away
      from the old view with the alchemical process, revealing them to be
      categorical veils that cover the face of truth."

      "What is this truth?" I demanded.

      "That there is one energy which underlies all life. To unmask it is
      to wed the Goddess, to ignite the divine spark within. From the state
      of perfection that results, I can see the moments of my life as
      stones with which I build an eternal temple. This temple is my real
      body, constructed with seven floors, one for each planet. And in
      turn, my temple is merely a stone in the larger temple that is the
      soul of the world. This too is designed in accordance with the
      pattern of the planets. As above, so below."

      "You understand the higher dimensions well. You must also know that
      with this knowledge comes responsibility."

      "As I said, I was expecting some kind of confirmation."

      "And how many of your fellow alchemists also comprehend these things?"

      "Not a one," he laughed. "I am alone in my madness."

      "Then there is hope," I said, swirling the hyperspatial mists,
      sending him back into the box.

      Even as I tortured myself over how to hide this new development from
      the Council, Earth was once again one step ahead of me.

      A certain neuron named Galileo Galilei was compelled to use a novel
      device called a telescope to undertake his own study of the planetary
      spheres. He quickly disproved the prevailing cosmology of an Earth-
      centered model and replaced it with the physically accurate- and
      metaphysically retarding- system of Earth and the other planets
      revolving around their sun. Interest in the mystical formulas of
      Alchemy faded almost instantly, replaced by a new experimental
      science based solely on observation. The resulting "Age of Reason"
      was what I described in my second report. This thrilled the Council
      to no end and bought me plenty of time to plan against them.

      Using Maier's contacts in alchemical circles, we devised a type of
      counter-current to the rationalist science spreading through the
      planetary mind. This took the form of various occult underground
      organizations, "secret societies" as the Humans say, all loosely tied
      together under the name Rosicrucians. The avowed purpose of this many-
      limbed apparatus was to "keep the ancient wisdom alive" by setting up
      a coherent mythology linking Earth's past, present, and future. As
      the next few centuries progressed, I would put in regular appearances
      at the proper time during rituals where initiates were attempting to
      contact the Higher Intelligences our mythos claimed were behind all
      of Human history.

      Since this all proceeded according to the Isis/Sirius model, I do not
      feel I was deceiving anyone. I honestly believe that I was playing a
      crucial part in the Grand Design written by the Creators. Everything
      developed in line with their prophecies. Who truly can say what was
      and was not destiny?

      Earth continued to be my silent helper. Curious developments in Human
      perception had taken place alongside my second phase investigations.
      For one, the religious heads of the major neural masses decided to
      recalibrate Human chronology. The years were renumbered, starting
      with the time around the birth of the Alchemy movement, proceeding
      towards a perceived moment of revelation at the second millennium.
      The prelude to this exciting End Times scenario, the twentieth
      century, was indeed the critical turning point for Earth. It would
      prove to be our own Day of Judgment as well, just as the Creators


      By this time I was located in Zurich, Switzerland, the center of the
      planet's economic nervous system, where key scientific breakthroughs
      were taking place. The one that actually drew me there involved the
      work of two particularly brilliant brain cells, Albert Einstein and
      Hermann Minkowski. Their revolutionary ideas about four-
      dimensional "space-time" made greatly expanded modes of perception
      possible for the species.

      My Rosicrucian work in Zurich was done through a rapidly firing
      neuron with many names. He had two main ones, Aleister Crowley and
      666, the Beast of the Apocalypse. It was in dialogue with him that
      the Great Secret first revealed itself to Humanity.

      Curiously, it happened while we were visiting Alexandria in 1920.

      Crowley had worked himself into a colorful psychic frenzy through the
      use of his magickal operations. When he finally came out of it, we
      sat down to talk.

      "I know the promise of alchemical transmutation at last!" Aleister
      gasped. "Power over reality itself! This three dimensional world is
      just an illusion, a joke. It is raw material for The Art. From above,
      the fourth dimension, I will one day play with the stuff of creation
      like clay."

      "Indeed, my friend," I confirmed. "One day┬ůsoon. When your species is
      ready, all doors shall be opened."

      "On that day," the Beast declared, "let the gods tremble."


      The Rosicrucian orders Crowley directed were able to influence waves
      of new ideas in the planetary brain at the perfect time. Science and
      technology had by this period come to its apotheosis, linking the
      surface of the Earth, pushing back all restraints on Human progress.
      My followers used this new electronic membrane to great advantage,
      setting up beautiful chain reactions of events.

      Simultaneously, a new branch of science called psychology was pulling
      back other hyperspace veils. These neural pathways were also
      constellated in Zurich, under the leadership of another outstanding
      brain cell, Carl Gustav Jung. It was through his penetration of the
      collective unconscious- a new and more accurate term for the fourth
      dimension- that the power of alchemical symbols was fully unleashed
      on the world for the first time.

      We had a mutually beneficial relationship. I helped him and his
      disciples understand their seven-fold hyperspace bodies by use of the
      circular mandala, an ancient religious device. This provided the
      canvas with which to order the chaotic Human soul. In return, Jung
      tutored me regarding his principle of synchronicity, a method for
      studying patterns of meaning in events. This allowed me to easily
      read Earth's collective mind and lay my plans with greater

      While working at the Psychology Club, I first heard about the so-
      called "flying saucer" reports. This was the start of Humanity's
      obsession with alien beings. I remember fondly the discussions I had
      with the Jungians about the subject.

      "There is no doubt, my friends," I told them, "that there are many
      beings coming and going from your world. I myself know of several
      races who have taken an interest."

      "What is the most important thing for us to consider?" Jung would
      always ask.

      "The third option," I repeated again and again. "Never forget that
      Higher Intelligences exists in more dimensions than you can perceive.
      Remember that reality isn't just physical or mental- it is both and
      neither. We have a new term for this state that unifies the invisible
      and the visible- psychoid. It is beyond matter and mind. In that
      archetypal realm do you truly dwell. Understand that, and you're
      ready for first contact."

      The result of all this ideological cultivation was massive upheaval
      for the Earth on all fronts, as it undulated its way into full
      consciousness. The neural mindscape ignited as the rational conscious
      science merged with the unconscious mysticism into a New Age filled
      with awe, hope, cynicism, mayhem, tremendous leaps forward, and a
      rapidly developing fascination with visitors from the stars.

      I was bearing witness to the promise of the Creators. Earth was
      awake, ready to face the fifth dimension.


      By this time word had gotten out back home about what I was doing.
      There was no hiding it anymore. Apocalyptic hysteria began to grip my
      world as soon as the Jungians started knocking on our hyperspatial
      doors. My plan worked perfectly, rendering the Council powerless to
      stop the tides of fate. By their own rules, they couldn't order the
      destruction of the planet without fueling the religious panic even
      more. Creating a revolutionary martyr would only accelerate the

      What terrified the Council most were the new "contact cults"
      springing up both on Earth and back home. By the 1980s my work had
      spawned many children. I had fanatical followers I'd never even met,
      among my own people as well as Humans. It was a very dangerous

      And so, with our entire race watching, I was recalled to Sirius to
      deliver my final report. It was funny how I now referred to my world
      by its Human name. This, too, had been written long ago.


      I had to endure a formal reprimand from the Council before being
      allowed to present my evidence, as I expected. Their fear had
      unbalanced them, and making me look inferior was a necessary
      stabilizing tactic. Oh how I thought like a psychologist!

      "You claim proof of the Creators' plan on Earth," they finally
      said. "State your case."

      "I will not bore you with repetition, so consider this alone: In an
      isolated section of the planetary brain there is an ancient neural
      group called the Dogon. These primitive people have astronomical data
      on our system, including the precise orbit of the Dark Star that
      orbits us- the long-dead home of the Creators. Humans cannot see the
      Dark Star without advanced technology. Dogon legend says that beings
      came down from above and left their secret knowledge behind. It was
      to be revealed prior to their return."

      From all around came the cries of the faithful:


      "Silence!" the Council shouted. They commiserated amongst themselves
      for a long moment, and then, almost weakly:

      "What would you have us do?"

      "The Creators have written: Let your Judgment come as you would judge
      others. We must respond with love, my friends, not fear. I know that
      the New Age is uncertain. But it is here."

      Turning to address the entire assembly, I declared:

      "We invoke the promise of the ancients! Let two worlds give birth to
      a third!"


      And so the reluctant Council performed the Sacred Marriage, wedding
      me to Isis, passing their authority to our child.

      When the Creators returned at the time of Cosmic Judgment, we would
      be ready.
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