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Re: [2012-Theories] A Glimpse of Things to come in my MexicanHorse website

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  • Toni Calvello
    Very nice web page...thank you. toni ... From: 2012-Theories@yahoogroups.com Date: Saturday, February 01, 2003 1:56:10 AM To: 2012-Theories@yahoogroups.com
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      Very nice web page...thank you.
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      Date: Saturday, February 01, 2003 1:56:10 AM
      Subject: [2012-Theories] A Glimpse of Things to come in my MexicanHorse website
      Dear Members:
      As part of the Mayan Prophecies of 2012, I've published a section that
      was long due in my destiny as the last Pakal. In 1993, I presented
      this seminar to my friends at the Philosophical Research Society in
      Los Angeles. Interesting enough in the syncronicity of times, I met
      Humbatz Man in the audience and attended his seminar next day. A
      great leader of consciousness.
      After 10 years of waiting, I will now start for the next 9 years my
      ideas about this scientific faith called Virtual NeuroFitness,
      Cyberfaith for the Masses.
      As you wonder why it is related to 2012, the Mayans calculated
      population capacity in cities according to some astronomical events.
      If you want to write an interesting book for the world, I suggest you
      collect data about pregnancy around Venus and Moon calendars. The
      world hasn't changed the rituals of delivering children. It is part of
      our biological cycle with the stars.
      That's the main reason why they abandoned their populated towns. It
      was easier for them to build another city where resources (food,
      water, location) were abundant again. Those abandoned cities didn't
      have anything else to offer to them, and consequently perished.
      As we approach 2012, unfortunately, there's a fearful truth on Earth.
      Our exponential population will reach a saturation capacity around
      that time, and most of us will be in the old bracket of age. It is
      the prophecy foretold by our wise Mayan priests.
      Needless to say our support will be minimal and dependent of
      critical environmental factors that will conspire against humans
      until we develop again some kind of environmental resistance to life.
      Unfortunately, we cannot abandon this ship called Earth yet and the
      collapse is inevitable.
      For these reasons, I invite you to become involved in your global
      future and your life extension. Thanks, Geoff for joining my
      forum, the Pakalian Group.
      Maybe things will be better for some but not for the rest. To preview
      the link (soon to be published in Summer 2003),
      go to:
      Thanks. Pakal

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