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Re: Planet X

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  • andromeda9mm
    Hey Don, Just looking over you re post and I agree with you... let me know if I m getting this correct... You basically feel that if any of this happens the
    Message 1 of 9 , Dec 7, 2001
      Hey Don,

      Just looking over you're post and I agree with you... let me know if
      I'm getting this correct... You basically feel that if any of this
      happens the survivors would just be your average people... Right?

      Now, here are my problems. If there was a serious earthly
      catastrophy I swear the only people who'd survive (after the initial
      destruction) would be native peoples or "primitive" people. Let me
      explain why.

      I couldn't farm to save my life. Sure, if you gave me seeds, etc.
      BUt I would have no clue how to live with out technology. If we
      suddenly didn't have electricity or gasoline, I don't know what I'd
      do? You have people who have food storage and seem to be 'prepared',
      but where does that get them? Great, so they can survive for 90
      days. Big deal, and then what?

      Native people (like those in lesser developed countries usually) know
      how to farm, dig wells, etc. They literally live off the land.

      I live in Utah, and people take food storage very seriously... but
      think for a second... we have very harsh winters here, as other
      places do. What would I do with out heat? A fire place?
      It obviously wasn't a big deal for the pioneers, but I'm not a
      pioneer. I rely on technology so much.

      I believe the human spirit is stong, but I'm afraid I'm not.


      This is why I'll probably move to a tropical location like Puerto
      Rico, or the US Virgin islands or Western Samoa. I'd probably do
      better in a warmer climate. : )

      --- In 2012-Theories@y..., "Don Fuller" <dominictus@y...> wrote:
      > Hmmm...
      > Well, I suppose it's a theory as valid as any other, but IMO there
      > a sizable hole in it.
      > My observations so far of the people preparing don't confirm your
      > theory that the people are scientifically or technically
      > While many of them do possess survival/farming/hunting skills, and
      > some have technical knowledge, it appears that most of them are
      > average. To go on, I'd have to say that bulk of them are unusual
      > only in the field of believing in global conspiracies and alien
      > chanellers, which doesn't seem "advanced" from a scientific
      > Now, there are other elements. All the conspiracy theorists could
      > correct, and in fact as presented in "Deep Impact" the government
      > going to gather all the brilliant minds and tuck them safely away.
      > That would be good for your theory, but there's no real evidence to
      > support this yet (that's what makes it a good conspiracy theory).
      > There is also the element of chance. Many people are going to
      > survive having made no preparations, but they will be in the right
      > place at the right time. That skews the theory a bit too.
      > All said, I am disinclined to agree with you. Depending on what
      > infrastructure is recoverable (most theorist think very little) I
      > think such a disaster will set us back a good 20-30 years.
      > -don
      > --- In 2012-Theories@y..., "Sam" <furyis@y...> wrote:
      > > Hi Don,
      > >
      > > > As to the rest of what you said, I don't understand. Are you
      > > > suggesting that a reduction in population will somehow move
      > > > technology forwards? And what transcendental object in 2012 are
      > you
      > > > referring to?
      > >
      > > My thread of thinking follows that survivors of an event close to
      > > being an "extinction level event" (shamefully borrowed term from
      > > Hollywood) would likely be folks who can exhibit a high rate of
      > > ingenuity and intelligence, extropians, who could perceive and
      > verify
      > > with sound perception that an event as such would occur and hence
      > > prepare to survive it. These people, having survived, with some
      > use
      > > of some of the infrastructure that remains intact would then set
      > about
      > > increasing, exponentially, the techno-societal progress that
      > previous
      > > to the event was slow because of the infestation of entropic
      > political
      > > structures and high percentage of folks who are generally more
      > > habitual in thought and act than those who are novel. I know it
      > > kind of a leap, and probably wrong, I mean look who survived if
      > this
      > > has happened sometime in the distant past.
      > >
      > > The "Transcendental Object" was a quote from Terrance Mckenna and
      > one
      > > of his thoughts on how to describe an indescribable event of
      > humanity
      > > merging with the Infinite. That being one of a selection of
      > scenarios
      > > involving that date in 2012. If this subject matter is more than
      > > passing fancy then I'd highly recommend his books, if not then I
      > > recommend the "blue pill" the effects of which are - you will
      > up
      > > in your bed and forget any of this ever happening. (egad,
      > Hollywood
      > > again)
      > >
      > > Sam
    • nibirutablet
      The following is from Robert Sepehr of www.planetxvideo.com: As promised, new data viewed for the first time publically, streamed for free, exclusively at:
      Message 2 of 9 , Nov 14, 2003
        The following is from Robert Sepehr of www.planetxvideo.com:

        As promised, new data viewed for the first time publically, streamed
        for free, exclusively at:


        "Waiting for the Apocalypse" features prominent scientists Jay Tate
        of the Spaceguard centre in Wales, Astronomer Sir Martin Rees of
        Cambridge University, Andy Lloyd of the Dark Star Theory, and a rare
        interview with Dr. John Murray of the Department of Earth Sciences at
        the Open University. John Murray wrote a controversial paper in 1999
        regarding the potential existence of a sub brown dwarf orbiting the
        Sun based upon his analysis of long-period comet data. His work,
        along with that of Dr. Matese and Whitmire in the States, has helped
        to propel the case for a massive Planet X forward.

        This is the first part of three major updates by Robert Sepehr. You
        can join the official Planet X Newsletter here (if you have not yet
        done so):
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