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An excerpt from my book, "The Gods."

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  • Jim Bowles
    Chapter 17, In Perfect Alignment. The Sphinx was carved from the rock of the Giza plateau eons ago with the noble head of a female lion facing the equatorial
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      Chapter 17, "In Perfect Alignment."

      The Sphinx was carved from the rock of the Giza plateau eons ago with the
      noble head of a female lion facing the equatorial sun. But the unerring
      precision is not in evidence in the 20th century structure. Now the
      equatorial sun rises far to the south, and the once proud face of the Sphinx
      has taken on human qualities. The evidence for this most coincidental event
      is a matter of history whose detail is in the records left by the ancient
      Peruvian and Egyptian civilizations...

      The first evidence is the precise alignment of the Sphinx's body toward the
      east and the rising sun *when Alaska was centered at the North Geographic

      The second is found in the alignment of the Nascan figures with the Northern
      Pole in Alaska.

      The third is the discovery that the hieroglyphic narratives of Saqqara,
      Egypt tell the same story, with the same cast of characters, as the graphics
      on the Nascan plateau.

      The forth is the discovery of the Terrestrial Triangle whose sides join
      Nasca, Giza, and the ancient Pole in Alaska, and whose angles are exactly
      those of the base angles of the Great Pyramid, 51ยบ52'.


      Nasca, was racked by uncommon tectonic disturbances during the shifts of the
      earth's crust. The farm lands, once lush and productive, changed to
      mountainous terrain as the Western and Eastern Cordilleras in Central Peru,
      grew to new heights and drove the inhabitants to the warmer temperatures of
      the lower elevations. The people suffered greatly during these turbulent
      times, and their religious beliefs must have been strained to the point of
      change. Today we know that there was no intervention in the processes ..
      though many may have thought so at the time! No! the processes were the
      devastating consequence of the RB-Effect and the centrifugal pull on the
      polar ice caps. These deadly processes work silently deep within the earth
      with only the unvalued vibrations detectable.

      They are both natural enough, but unless recognized as the signs of warning,
      their consequence comes unexpectedly, and so for those who were caught
      unaware, there may have been a search for a defense or an understanding. But
      where does one begin such a search, and upon what do you concentrate, and if
      found, how do you recognize the discovery? Certainly there is no single
      fissure in a dike that one might place a finger to curb the threatening

      So would they have turned to a religious solution, and perhaps deified
      everything in their frantic efforts to regain the sanity of the
      pre-cataclysmic world? We think of polytheism, the belief in many gods, as
      the religion of heathens .. but than we have never faced the trauma of a
      world put into chaos.
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