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4602Effects of Indigenous People Related To 2012 Apocalyptic Material

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  • pakalahau
    Feb 11, 2010
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      Diario de Yucatan's newspaper (Feb 7, 2010) reports that a group of Mexican antropologists will begin a survey in Mexico and Guatemala on the effects of natives and indigenous people related to apocalyptic interpretations based on the movie 2012. The article reports that experts reject the interpretations of the book 'The Maya Testament' written by Steve Alten, which gave origin to the American film 2012. Investigators will travel in March to Mexico and Guatemala to make interviews with shamans in different communities in Mexico and Guatemala.
      Guillermo Bernal, investigator for the Centro de Estudios Mayas, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, comments that there have been a recent history of cults and penetration of religious groups that have promoted collective suicides in indigenous communities.
      However, Bernal acknowledges that Mayas predicted that on Dec. 21, 2012, a deity associated with war will descend and the end of the Maya calendar cycle of 13 baktuns will happen on that date.
      For those who read Spanish, the article is at:

      Pakalian Group of Mexico