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4589A Look At The 2012 Maya Fatidic Glyph

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  • pakalahau
    Nov 29, 2009
      When Lord Pakal Ahau announced in Geoff Stray's Dire Gnosis (2002 News) about the prophecy of this final glyph he provided a brief information in his website. Mr Stray included the link at that time.
      Now, we know his prophecy was completely right. The interval period of this glyph begins in 2009 and ends in 2012. It is not a coincidence the 2012 movie opened in November 2009. He also prophecized correctly the opening of the Apocalypto movie in his website saying the world will know our Maya language. What's the final outcome of the Fatidic glyph? Only Pakal knows but we feel his final vision will be a surprise to many. To see a review in our blog with the analysis:

      Pakalian Group of Mexico