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4220328mm miniature sculptor wanted - traditional or 3d renders

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  • domread
    Jul 6, 2014
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      Hi All

      I'm involved in a fledgling miniature project and we are looking to get an initial sculpt this year with potential for building to a range over the next 18+ months. We have had some artwork produced but are now looking to move forward with a sculpt.

      Specifically looking for anyone who can sculpt 28mm miniatures, focused on humans or potentially larger 50mm monster style sculpts as well later down the line. 

      If you specialise in one or the other then we are open to using several sculptors so don't hesitate to contact.

      This is a real world project with horror elements rather than a sci-fi or pure fantasy one.

      Upper cost we are looking at would be around £500 per sculpt

      If you would like to know more or send me some samples of your work please send them to:


      Thanks for your time.