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42177Re: [1listSculpting] RE: Air Bubbles in Resin

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  • S McGregor
    Feb 25, 2014
      Yeah.  Note don't use a really big syringe. A 3 cm diameter syringe for example, would require about a 16lb pull.
      Cleaning, not as bad as you might think, the syringe plunger pretty much keeps the walls clean.  Couple of skoosh outs with alcohol (or another non syringe attacking solvent) should be enough.

      On Tuesday, 25 February 2014, 1:44, "suggus.tds@..." <suggus.tds@...> wrote:
      Thanks Mcgregor!  That's also pretty nifty method.  So simple!  Although I can imagine that the syringe needs to be thoroughly cleaned after each casting session.  Thanks again. 

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