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Re: new to ProCreate

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  • robertfinkenaur
    Hi Marco, Kevin is correct in that we recommend on our label to keep the temperature in the oven under 95F (35C). As a side note for those who may be
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      Hi Marco,
      Kevin is correct in that we recommend on our label to keep the
      temperature in the oven under 95F (35C). As a side note for those who
      may be unfamiliar, ProCreate Putty and GS are both chemically curing
      materials and do not require an oven to harden. The heat of the oven
      is used to speed up the rate of the chemical reaction (i.e. shorten
      work life).

      Also, please keep in mind that the time at which the heat is applied
      is also a factor. For example, if excessive heat is applied to
      ProCreate Putty or GS during the first 2 hours after mixing the putty
      is still soft and is more apt to lose detail. After 2 hours, the
      putty is fairly hard and there is less risk of detail loss.

      Regarding smoothing, ProCreate Putty was formulated to be less sticky
      and therefore does not require as much lubricant. What type of
      lubricant are you useing? You may want to try useing an oil based
      lubricant or only a very small amount of water. The silicone tipped
      clay shapers that Kevin mentioned might also be useful.

      Bob Finkenaur
      Kraftmark Company

      --- In 1listSculpting@yahoogroups.com, "m27771" <geicca@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I'm new to ProCreateand and was wondering what's the best curing
      > temperature to speed up the process, and the time you live it in
      > your oven. Do you use same time as GS?
      > I have a problem with smoothing too. It seems that the lubricant I
      > used with GS is difficult to wash away from ProCreate and gives me
      > problems adding more details on the figures due to the lower
      > stickness. By now I think it's easyer to use just wet insruments
      > with no lubricant, but every suggestion will be appreciated.
      > Said that I really like ProCreate. I Use it for 15mm and 28mm and
      > think it improves all the best peculiarity of GS.
      > Il'try with 10mm figures. With GS I had problems with such small
      > details.
      > Just a tip to everyone who asked how to build a curing oven.
      > I don't know how you call it out of Italy, but I have modified an
      > anti-mosquito oven. It is a plastic bock with a resistence under a
      > flat metal plate on which you can put anti-mosquito tablets ("vape"
      > was the name). It was very common in the '80 and '90. I had an old
      > one, and all you have to do is to put the figures on it (better not
      > in direct contact with the hot surface) and cover them with a tin
      > can. The temperature is about 35-45°C. The can can not contact the
      > the hot plate, so you don't need to handel it with care. The only
      > addiction I have done was to add a switch to the cable.
      > Thaks
      > Marco
      > P.S. sorry for my english
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