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  • fumbles
    I remember building the Pirates of the Carribean model pictured at the top of the 70 s Wing page. I recall it being a nice model. I painted it with the
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 30, 2006
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      I remember building the "Pirates of the Carribean" model pictured at the
      top of the "70's Wing" page. I recall it being a nice model. I painted
      it with the syrup-thick Testor's gloss enamels which was all we had at
      the time. I didn't like the parrot, but my older cousin insisted that it
      was cool and so painted the parrot himself and glued it on. But the
      glue wouldn't stick to the still-tacky blue paint I used for the tunic
      and the parrot fell off within a few minutes. My cousin though I pulled
      it off and called me a liar when I denied it. Made me mad, lol.

      The model (and others of the series) sported "moving parts". This one
      had a rubber band that, when you pulled a trigger on the back of the
      model, would raise the gun as if to fire it. Another model in the
      series had a skeleton in quicksand and his buddy bending over at the
      waist trying to pull him out by the arm. When triggered, the arm came
      off and the "pulling" skeleton stood upright!


      Kevin Contos wrote:

      > http://thegalleryofmonstertoys.com/ <http://thegalleryofmonstertoys.com/>
      > "The Gallery of Monster Toys is dedicated to preserving a disappearing
      > facet of our popular culture. Vintage monster toys are typically
      > overlooked by collectors, largely because they seem obsolete in
      > today's world. The toys in this gallery are not, for the most part,
      > "slick" or "hyper-detailed." They are humble and imperfect. They
      > depict flawed, tortured creatures. These toys capture a time when
      > horror was fun. A time when monsters seemed like "big brothers" to
      > their young fans. I hope those who visit the Gallery will acquire an
      > appreciation, not only for the toys pictured, but for all that they
      > represent. This web site is for all those boys and girls who grew up
      > watching Creature Features and Chiller Theaters, reading Famous
      > Monsters of Filmland, and playing with these cherished toys...and for
      > all those who wished they had."
      > I think I first caught the sculpting and modeling bug when my brother
      > got me the 60's Aurora Creature from the Black Lagoon kit when I was a
      > wee lad-well, wee'er than I am now, comparatively speaking. He was 15
      > years my senior, and I scored lots of neat toys and models he actually
      > wanted, because in those ancient dark days, older guys who bought
      > stuff like that for themselves were not considered collectors, but
      > just a little weird. This site has a nice assortment of the cool stuff
      > from our youth that still inspires us today, so check it out and I'm
      > sure you'll find that nifty model or toy that infected you with the bug.
      > And before anyone points it out, yes, I do realize that had I kept
      > those Aurora models unopened in the original boxes, I would have been
      > able to retire to my private island with grass skirted maidens
      > bringing me rum drinks in coconut shells. In those days, kids actually
      > played with toys, and people never would have foreseen paying 2 bucks
      > for a plastic bottle of water or 4 bucks for a cup of coffee served by
      > some caffeine addled creature called a "barista" - Uh-oh- here comes
      > the nurse with my shot!
      > I also updated the Mini Sculptin' Link Page:
      > http://my.core.com/~oldgrendel/sculptlinks.htm
      > <http://my.core.com/%7Eoldgrendel/sculptlinks.htm>
      > and the Halloween Links page:
      > http://my.core.com/~oldgrendel/halloweenlinks.html
      > <http://my.core.com/%7Eoldgrendel/halloweenlinks.html>
      > so there is a lot of good spooky stuff to get your artistic juices
      > flowing. Just remember to wipe them up so they don't stain the carpet.

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    • jppatton1
      Thanks for all the links, Kevin -- fun as always. :) Joel http://minutiae-minis.com
      Message 2 of 3 , Oct 5, 2006
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        Thanks for all the links, Kevin -- fun as always. :)

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