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41993Re: BeeSPutty Q+A

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  • Tim
    Aug 16, 2013
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      One offs sounds cool.
      There is plenty of youtube tutorials on mould making etc online. If you have made slip moulds, then the principle is basically the same. You could cast bodies and then individualise each one. Mind you that would make your range not quite so individual...

      --- In 1listSculpting@yahoogroups.com, chris259s@... wrote:
      > In my own case my wee models are each one of a kind so that each model from
      > a named range is very slightly individual. I confess that there are some
      > things that would be easier if I did cast from a mold of the original but to
      > be honest, I know nothing about making molds for casting metal or resin. I
      > have only made simple molds from plaster of paris for pouring ceramic slip.
      > I am currently making character dressed animals around an inch tall in
      > hand sculpted porcelain clay.
      > Chris
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