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Re: Hello all! Try everything. A lot of it depends on scale of what you want. I am not a good sculptor but I do find that try to make stuff I use different materials
paul snyder
Apr 11
Re: Hello all! Welcome to the Group. I'm not sure how active it still is...
Apr 9
Hello all! Hello all, I have recently discovered that I've had sculpting talent for quite some time and didnt realize it. So far I have only really worked with several
Barry Hornberger
Apr 2
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Re: Help/Tutorial for sculpting canvas Thanks. I think I like this route better. I have acrylic and PVA. I don't have dope and it doesn't sound like great stuff for your head (no doubt hence the
Mar 27
Re: Help/Tutorial for sculpting canvas Dope will pull the cloth or tissue paper tight like a drum then you can paint it. The frame that the cloth is on must be ridged as the dope can warp it while
Mar 26
Re: Help/Tutorial for sculpting canvas So the dope makes the cloth hard? I must admit I've never used it and don't know what it does. Well, I guess that's what google is for. Thanks for the idea.
Mar 23
Re: Help/Tutorial for sculpting canvas I don't know if my message went through. I've never used it before, and have only heard references to its use, but one might look into using model airplane
Mar 23
Help/Tutorial for sculpting canvas It's been very quiet here recently. This isn't strictly a miniatures question but I'm hoping someone here may be able to help. I'm looking for help in
Mar 21
Re: Air Bubbles in Resin Neat idea! Can you use the syringe more than once? If so, how do you clean it between runs? Al
Feb 27
Copyright Infringement Question I have just completed sculpting a Jedi Knight and R2-D2 miniature for a client of mine. My client wanted to know if he could show them off on forums and alike
Feb 27
Re: Air Bubbles in Resin Stephen: Great, I might catch you at St. Helens then! McGregor: Sure, thanks again! I've just bought a set of syringes on ebay to be used for general
Feb 26
Re: Air Bubbles in Resin Yeah.  Note don't use a really big syringe. A 3 cm diameter syringe for example, would require about a 16lb pull. Cleaning, not as bad as you might think, the
S McGregor
Feb 25
Re: Air Bubbles in Resin I do St. Helens but not Militaire. There is also Gauntlet in July which the club I attend put on. We are also hosting a Big Curry Night (6th March) for the ABF
Feb 25
Re: Air Bubbles in Resin Thanks Mcgregor! That's also pretty nifty method. So simple! Although I can imagine that the syringe needs to be thoroughly cleaned after each casting
Feb 24
Re: Air Bubbles in Resin Another, small quantity method, is to use a syringe. Simply draw about half a syringeful of resin in. Then, making sure there is no air in it, cover the
Feb 24
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Re: Air Bubbles in Resin Sure, may see you around. Funnily enough I was at the South Cheshire Militaire yesterday and I also generally attend the one up by St Helens near Liverpool.
Feb 24
Re: Air Bubbles in Resin Hi Gus, Your welcome, sorry I don't attend salute anymore the cost of it far out strips any gain. If you come to any of the northern shows then we may bump
Feb 24
Re: Air Bubbles in Resin Thanks for your in-depth reply Stephen! Never thought that I could get away with making my own vacuum chamber before. I think I'll give your method a go.
Feb 19
Re: Air Bubbles in Resin Hi, I have not sent resin items to be vulcanized moulded before. Not sure if some resins will stand up to the pressure or heat that are put on to the items
Feb 5
Re: Digitally Sculpting Miniatures Interesting, Thanks for the info.
Feb 3
Re: Digitally Sculpting Miniatures Same in principle but vastly different conventions and interface. For example you do not select geometry you wish to manipulated you mask geometry that you
Bobby Jackson
Feb 3
Re: Digitally Sculpting Miniatures   ... ZBrush is a digital sculpting program, not a traditional vertex-based modeling program. I’m surprised you haven’t heard of it. Although it does have
Jeff LaMarche
Feb 3
Re: Digitally Sculpting Miniatures First time posting , just started with real sculpting still having trouble but saw this topic had to ask. I have a computer animation degree and extensive 3d
timothy terrien
Feb 3
Re: Digitally Sculpting Miniatures Maybe even more so!:) b.  (\/) {} }{ |\| | }{ ... Maybe even more so! :) b.  (\/) {} }{ |\| | }{ On Sun, Feb 2, 2014 at 11:11 PM, kcontos@...
Bobby Jackson
Feb 3
Re: Digitally Sculpting Miniatures ... Bobby J.< I'm as full of it as ever, ain't I, Brother Jackson?
Feb 2
Re: Digitally Sculpting Miniatures ... http://www.shapeways.com/materials/material-options I would say no-it is also classified as "brittle" which would make it a questionable choice for
Feb 2
Re: Digitally Sculpting Miniatures I've been doing digital projects more frequently recently. ZBrush is my chosen software. Kevin is pretty much on the money based on my experience. The biggest
Bobby Jackson
Feb 2
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Re: Digitally Sculpting Miniatures   ... I’m curious to know if their “detail plastic” option has enough detail for 28mm character figures. I’m sure it’s fine for hard-edge stuff like
Jeff LaMarche
Feb 2
Re: Digitally Sculpting Miniatures There a number of people producing ship's through Shapeways and other services. I have several conversations on this very topic on both the TMP and Starship
Evyn MacDude
Feb 2
Re: Digitally Sculpting Miniatures ... Hey, c’mon. I would paid twice as much. Maybe even three times. :) In all seriousness, this is such a niche hobby, whether talking digital or traditional
Jeff LaMarche
Feb 2
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