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stem cell research, anyone?

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  • Rick Stilwell
    Yahoo! News - Government to Open Stem Cell Bank
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 14, 2004
      Yahoo! News - Government to Open 'Stem Cell Bank'
      [if the url likn above doesn't work, try cut & paste into your browser, or
      search http://news.yahoo.com - I think]

      From the general research I've done into all of this, I like the way this
      is going right now. I'm curious to see how or if this plays out in the
      coming days leading up to the major party conventions. One side of the
      divide wants all restrictions lifted on stem cell research, meaning that
      embryos would be candidates for abortion in harvesting these cells for
      research and development. On the other side, people are saying that
      harvesting human cells would not only be de facto abortion, but it would
      also give a commercial backing for this act of destroying a newly conceived
      human being.

      In the middle, it seems to be progressing a little more ethically.
      President Bush has allowed federal funding for research on existing "lines"
      (those stem cells that had already been culled and worked on prior to
      August 2001 - and which theoretically can be duplicated and replicated
      infinitely, thus not needing further "new lines" for reseach purposes). So
      money is going to research, and people are not being called to participate
      commercially in growing babies for stem cells.

      Any thoughts?
      peace - rick
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