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70Getting Your Groceries At 1977 Prices!

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  • debbiespearsen
    Aug 6, 2009
      Getting Your Groceries At 1977 Prices!

      This is the same program that I have been using for years. I joined their sampler program after watching a news report highlighting this company on my evening news. Now I just read this news release which I am sharing below:

      News Release brought to you by AP Wire Alerts)

      Sacramento,CA - World Products Inc. has recently completed acquisition of United Savings Technology NA. This acquisiton was completed on the 32nd anniversary of World Products http://grocerystrategy.com World Products Inc is the leading consumer savings company in the United States holding a 78% share of that
      market. They are a research and development firm that produces cutting edge technologies aimed at saving consumers substantial amounts of money. World Products in an effort to command an even higher market share is currently offering their grocery savings system at their 1977 price of $ 7.00. Audits of their records indicate that 68,237,892 individuals are currently using their