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Definitely malware/spam, the link goes to somewhere with a .es TLD. Change your password and check your comp, Daniel, you've been hacked. On 10/1/15, John
Chris Nasipak
Oct 1


This looked too much like malware to me, so I deleted it. If Danny, or anyone else, does intend to post content such as this to the 18xx list, please post an
John David Galt
Oct 1

Re: 1837 / 1867 / 1849 Releases

... 1824 and 1837 are 18xx games set in much the same part of the world with much the same company names. Beyond that, they're as different as two 18xx games
Steve Thomas
Sep 27

1831 Track Rights cost

I asked this question on BoardGameGeek. Feel free to answer by email or on the BGG thread. https://boardgamegeek.com/article/20455013 The version 2.0 rules
Chris Shaffer
Sep 26

Re: Numbered engines

The 1860 trains expansion has multiple ordered trains at each rank, but not quite expressed that way. B&O (not an 18xx, but has trains) has ordered numbered
JC Lawrence
Sep 23

Numbered engines

Hi, Can someone jog my memory: What set has engines that are individually numbered? 2 trains: 2 sub 1, 2 sub 2, 2 sub 3 ... 3 trains: 3 sub 1, 3 sub 2 ... ...
Rail Hobo
Sep 23

(no subject)

All: A bunch of us will be gathering for 18xx at Grand Con, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Friday evening and all day Saturday. Con info is here:
Richard Dutton
Sep 23

Re: On systemic player collusion

... Maybe not surprising given my admiration for the game. It is an inspiration...but not a reference model. ... While I see where you're heading, I don't
J C Lawrence
Sep 22

Re: On systemic player collusion

... Aye, I can imagine that. (I gave up on 'EA after ~4-6 games, all with smaller player counts, and haven't gone back to look further) ... Hehn. I tend to
J C Lawrence
Sep 22

Re: 18xx collection for sale

Okay, I have just fired off a load of emails. hopefully I have replied to everyone. If anyone sent me an email and hasn't received a reply, please get in touch
Neil Ford
Sep 22

Re: On systemic player collusion

  In particular the pattern is pretty comparable to the Trader and Builder strategies in Rolling Stock — see '4.2.5 “The trader” and “the builder”:
Jimmy Okolica
Sep 22

Re: On systemic player collusion

On Tue, Sep 22, 2015 at 11:55 AM, JC Lawrence claw@... [18xx] < ... This might be down to localized group-think and play styles, but I've seen nearly-pure
brett lentz
Sep 22

Re: On systemic player collusion

... It doesnÆt require two players per se, but two players can collude to do this together when neither one of them has the capital necessary to do it alone,
JC Lawrence
Sep 22

Re: On systemic player collusion

Hi, ... Well, I'm not sure why this requires two players, but anyway: I don't like the possibility. It looks too much like the magic purse to me. (Drops an
Rail Hobo
Sep 22

Re: On systemic player collusion

What kind of free money? Think of it like selling privates to major companies, but now you’re floating companies in order to sell them in pretty much the
JC Lawrence
Sep 21
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