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1854 - When do 3Ts typically come out? When do 4Ts typically come ou

Am curious -- in your local group, during what turn (aka how many ORs have elapsed) is the first 3T purchased? Same question for the first 4T? Is there a
Aug 27

Re: 1862 - Impossible Situation Starting a Company?

Craig, Some clarifications based on the wording of your note below: - In section 3.2 of the rules, for a company to start there must be an open token
Tom McCorry
Aug 26

Re: 18xx collection for sale

Neil, perhaps I'm missing something but your email didn't post properly. I'd be very interested in acquiring a few of your games. Shoot me an email at
Aug 26
Jim Black
Aug 25

Re: 1862 - Impossible Situation Starting a Company?

... The answer is buried in the archives, and, the game being a Hutton design, the answer is rather more complicated than it needs to be. However, in almost
Steve Thomas
Aug 25

RE: [18xx] 1862 - Impossible Situation Starting a Company?

Hi Craig, ... At least in the "draft" copy that's on the Geek, it's in the rest of 7.2 7.2 A company’s first operating turn. On a company’s first operating
Aug 25

1862 - Impossible Situation Starting a Company?

The 1862 rulebook is clear on how to start a company: In section 3.2, "In order for a company to start it must be able to place its home station marker on its
Craig Bartell
Aug 25

18xx collection for sale

Due to a change in circumstances and a lack of storage, I'm having a massive clear out of games. Amongst them are a number of 18xx games. It was suggested that
Neil Ford
Aug 25

Re: 18NY rules question

That seems reasonable, but isn't spelled out that clearly in the rules. We've had this discussion before, of course. Witness the fact that the 18xx rules
Chris Shaffer
Aug 25

Re: 18NY rules question

"Hmmm, interesting. There's nothing in the rules to suggest that it would be." "1) A company may not take more loans than there are shares in player hands (2
Aug 25

Re: 18NY rules question

On Mon, Aug 24, 2015 at 12:57 PM, Chris Nasipak ecs05norway@... ... There's also nothing in the rules to say you can't hit another player with a baseball
John A. Tamplin
Aug 24

Re: 18NY rules question

Hmmm, interesting. There's nothing in the rules to suggest that it would be. On 8/24/15, 'Beard, Bruce D' bruce_d_beard@... [18xx]
Chris Nasipak
Aug 24

Re: 18NY rules question

CHris, Yes, it is so restricted. -Bruce ________________________________ From: 18xx@yahoogroups.com [18xx@yahoogroups.com] Sent: Monday, August 24, 2015 11:39
Beard, Bruce D
Aug 24

1831 Rules questions

We played 1831 yesterday and a few questions arose over the course of the game. The biggest one was regarding Establishing Track Rights. According to 5.2.2 the
Aug 24

Re: 1849 rules question

In the realm of requested clarifications to 1849: I realize this is a far-out, unlikely to ever happen event, but I don't think the rules cover it well: If the
Aug 24
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