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Re: [18cMusic] Napoleonic Drum Calls

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  • joewhitney1
    It s hard to say exactly what they were playing at, sayWaterloo, since there was no official British Army drum manual.? You had the privately published
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    It's hard to say exactly what they were playing at, say Waterloo, since there was no official British Army drum manual.  You had the privately published manual "The Drummer's Assistant" published by Longman in the 1780's, and a similar privately published manual around 1817 from Potter.  However, both of these were geared towards the pupil, or as Potter called him, the "boy".  The actual rudiments played by regular army and even militia drummers must have been much more complex, especially since you had much more complex versions of the duty beats being published in contemporary American works.  It's inconceivable that American drummers would be playing complicated and fancy versions while crack British army drummers would be playing the basic, tappy-tap rudiments found in Longman and Potter.
    In my opinion, there's only one way to learn historic rudimental drumbeats, and that is to look at all of their versions, from the earliest to latest.  Many of the authors left important things out such as dynamics, time signatures, measure lines, and probably even whole rudiments.  Of the early drum manuals, only Potter lays out the beats in modern scores which we are all familiar with.  He also shows you the left and right sticking, something many later manuals actually unfortunately dropped.  So if you want to learn many of the actual Civil War period beatings, for example, you'd best look at earlier versions like Potter before you look at say Bruce and Emmett, since they didn't tell you whether to use the left or right hand when beating the rudiments.
    Along those lines, I put together all of the drum versions of the Fatigue/Pioneers March I have in chronological order so you can see how much variation there was but also how much similarity (and how Bruce and Emmett doesn't tell you left hand from right hand).  For those beats that are in code and not modern score, I had to use my own interpretations, and spelled the rudiments out in type. So I'm not guaranteeing its perfect, but pretty close.

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    Yes to all. 
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    I would also be interested in this information! Wayne

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    Hello all,
    Does anyone have and pictures of files of Napoleonic drum calls? Specifically the taptoo, pioneers march, and charge bayonets. I will also take any other important calls i might need for reenacting.

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