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a Great Rev event at Niagara!

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  • danieloconnell
    A Great Rev War Event and News from Fort Niagara! ~Daniel O Connell What could be better than the fantastic upcoming August 13/14 Rev War event at Old Fort
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      A Great Rev War Event and News from Fort Niagara!
      ~Daniel O'Connell

      What could be better than the fantastic upcoming August 13/14 Rev War event at Old Fort Niagara? Our beloved Fort Niagara is one of only a handful of quality historic sites that every reenactor should pay homage to on a semi annual basis. This year mark your calendars for Old Fort Niagara's "Soldiers of the Revolution" August 13/14 event! Many of you know that Fort Niagara was a premier British Garrison that was the heart of military operations in the New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio Valleys as well as operations all along the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River, and Headquarters for the several British Great Lakes Garrisons.
      Niagara's Director Bob Emerson, Jerry Brubaker, Jason Buckley and Belinda Patterson are going to great efforts to bring to the Rev War community one of the best events of 2011, namely "Soldiers of the Revolution" August 13/14. This "Soldiers of the Revolution, or SOR event, will bring together British, Loyalists, Native and American reenactors representing our two great countries (US and Canada) War of Independence or Rebellion. Kudos go out to Messrs Emerson and Brubaker for once again promoting Rev War reenacting at Fort Niagara and Jason Buckley is working tirelessly to bring to our historic community a Rev War event that will be talked about for years to come. Belinda Patterson, Fort Niagara's First Nations Interpreter brings to the public and to the historic participants a fresh and authentic look into the lives and culture of the local 18th century Natives during the epochal conflict of the American Revolution. Mr. Buckley and Ms. Patterson are relatively new additions to Old Fort Niagara, the former continuing on with the work of stalwart Eric Bloomquist who has left Fort Niagara after 22 devoted years as event coordinator and the charismatic and knowledgeable Ms Patterson brings a depth to all Old Fort Niagara's 18th Century events and Native programs!
      The timing of Old Fort Niagara's "Soldiers of the Revolution" could not have been better planned; August 13/14 offers moderate summer temperatures, a cool breeze off Lake Ontario, comfortable sleeping either in tents, the two Redoubts or the gun deck of the French Castle. There will be no premium on encampment space. Further, the date of August 13/14 allows families to be able to get in the best quality event at the end of summer without the conflict with back to school or back to university start up dates. This will be the summer event of 2011.
      The considerate management and staff of Old Fort Niagara is offering participants the following amenities: Breakfast and Lunch Saturday and Sunday, Modern Restrooms, Hot Showers* and Swimming Pool* nearby at moderate pool entrance *fee. Firewood, a Saturday evening dance and an authentic Tavern. In addition to encampment space for the participants (under canvas), the authentic buildings at the fort will barrack 150 to 200
reenactors. This event interprets the American Revolution on the New York frontier and involves American, Crown, and Native American forces. Activities include tactical each day, musket and artillery demonstrations, uniform programs and living history camps. And again, OFN provides breakfasts and lunches.

      Some of the Garrisons at Fort Niagara's Rev years:
      34th Regiment of Foot
      King's 8th Foot (longest serving regiment at Niagara and in Canada rev era)
      47th Regiment of Foot
      Butler's Rangers
      Brandt's Volunteers
      Royal Navy.
      The Royal Artillery.
      18th Regiment of Foot.
      53rd Regiment of Foot.
      84th /or Royal Highland Emigrants/ Regiment of Foot.
      Hesse-Hanau Jaegers.
      Hesse-Hanau Artillery.
      The King's Royal Regiment of New York.
      The Loyal Foresters.
      Provincial Marine

      Although no Rebel or American troops occupied Fort Niagara (other than prisoners) a great many plans to capture and harass Fort Niagara was foremost with the American Forces. One such ambitious plan was the Sullivan Campaign of 1779. And as such it is of the utmost importance for the Soldiers of the Revolution to have an appreciated representation of Continental and State troops at this fantastic event. American and Crown Forces are encouraged to inquire and register as soon as possible for Fort Niagara's August 13/14 "Soldiers of the Revolution" event. Early arrivals on August 12 are welcomed. www.oldfortniagara.org

      Fort Niagara served as the Loyalist base in New York during the American Revolutionary War for Colonel John Butler and his Butler's Rangers as well as regular British Troops effected many raids throughout New York and Pennsylvania. If you truly love the history of New York, Pennsylvania, the Great Lakes and Canada it is time you returned to Fort Niagara. It's time to come home again and reestablish your friendships and bonds in the Rev War community. To register or for more information, contact event coordinator Jason Buckley at: Get_jason@... or Ray@...
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