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British NightWatch News December 4-6 2009

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  • John Thornton
    The British Night Watch Friday December 4th to Sunday, December 6th 2009 St. Augustine, Florida Registration is Now Open! For 2009, we ve done away with Unit
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      The British Night Watch
      Friday December 4th to Sunday, December 6th 2009
      St. Augustine, Florida

      Registration is Now Open! For 2009, we've done away with Unit
      registrations, as Individual Electronic Registration has proved to be most
      accurate, and easiest for the reenactor as well! The website
      http://www.britishnightwatch.org has the latest in event information, and
      will be updated weekly from now until December 4th. We ask that each
      person, 16 or older attending the event, please Register at
      http://britishnightwatch.org/Participant.htm Unit Commanders and
      Adjutants, please forward this email to your members, to allow them the
      chance to register for this event. If you have received this email as a
      forward, contact me here <mailto:jt@...> to add (or remove) you on the
      master email list.

      Event Photos from 2008 are located at
      http://www.britishnightwatch.org/2008_gallery.htm, the entire website has
      had an overhaul, the schedule has been posted, and we have some great deals
      on Hotel rooms for the event.

      As of today, the Roadway Inn, 2800 N Ponce De Leon Blvd , Saint Augustine,
      FL, US, 32084 | Phone: (904) 829-6581, has offered rooms for $51.67, TAX
      INCLUDED. Mention that you are reserving for the British Night Watch. More
      Hotel deals are being confirmed, and will be posted on the website when

      We listen to your opinions. Remember to give us feedback after the event, to
      continuously improve!
      For 2009, the biggest changes are a concert Friday Night at 8:00, with
      national recording artists Father, Son, and Friends; The Garden Party has
      dropped it's Tea, to become a more participatory Dance; The Friday Afternoon
      Scenario continues this year with "Army or Navy?- Desertion in the 18th
      Century" in camp at 4:00 pm, and we continue to improve the Participation in
      the Parade.
      Please visit the website <http://www.britishnightwatch.org/> and let us
      know if you see errors, confusion, multi-colored flying elephants, or

      Call for Volunteers! We've decided to recruit a Friends group, to work in a
      variety of aspects for the British Night Watch. The group would be comprised
      of volunteers, working with a coordinator, and perform such duties as
      fundraising, logistics, organization, event support, research &
      documentation, and such related. Would you be interested? Duties could
      consume as little as an hour a month, or half of your life, like some of us.
      Contact me at jt@... if this opportunity would interest you.

      On behalf of the Committee for the Night Watch,
      I remain,
      John Thornton, Board Member, Committee for the Night Watch
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