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If you know any college junior history majors w/RevWar to antebellum interest

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  • Tom Tallis
    This was forwarded to me from an acquaintance who belongs to the list cited below. Tom Tallis *Applications are limited to ONE per institution FROM PRIVATE
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2008
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      This was forwarded to me from an acquaintance who
      belongs to the list cited below.
      Tom Tallis

      *Applications are limited to ONE per institution FROM
      *Seminar dates: *June 2 - 22, 2008

      $2,000 *Undergraduate Fellowship *stipends, plus
      travel and living
      expenses, dedicated to supporting *ten students*
      from private
      liberal arts colleges for *three weeks *of summer
      study at the
      University of Pennsylvania's McNeil Center for the
      Study of Early
      America just before the beginning of their senior
      years. Fellows
      will complete preliminary work on what will become,
      by the time they
      graduate, honors projects in American history,

      $400 (or more) *Undergraduate Travel and Research
      Fellowships* and
      participation in a *Seminar Website* support
      further student
      research and critical dialogue subsequent to the
      Seminar. *Critiques
      *of initial thesis drafts by distinguished outside

      Ten stipends dedicated to supporting the
      participation in the last
      five days of the Seminar of the home campus Faculty
      Advisor of each
      of the Undergraduate Fellows. Advisors'
      participation in the Seminar
      is designed to sustain continuity as the students'
      research projects
      continue on campus in the senior year. Advisors are
      also encouraged
      to pursue their own research interests while in

      While it is very important that applicants be able
      to explain
      clearly the focus and substance of their historical
      interests, it is
      not expected that they will have previously defined
      the exact topics
      of their honors projects. Instead, the Seminar's
      major purpose is to
      assist students in the initial definition and
      development of such
      Individual work in the Seminar involves the
      completion of a formal
      prospectus and detailed plan of research for each
      individual project. At the same time, common
      readings, discussions
      and other group exercises will be employed to
      develop skills in
      primary research, historiography, thesis
      development, critique and
      oral/written presentation.
      As they work on individual projects, Undergraduate
      Fellows will be
      assisted in taking fullest possible advantage of
      the rich
      intellectual and archival resources of the Seminars
      co-sponsors, the
      American Philosophical Society, the Library Company
      of Philadelphia
      and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

      2008 Seminar Directors will be* Richard S. Newman,
      Institute of Technology, and Tamara Plakins
      Thornton, SUNY, Buffalo.

      APPLICATION Guidelines are available at:

      <mailto:stewart@...> or

      James B. Stewart, Project Director, Macalester

      Marilyn E. Douglas, Vice President
      New Netherland Institute
      Cultural Education Center, Room 802
      Albany NY 12230-0001
      Phone 518.408.1212 (w)
      518.489.0418 (h)
      Fax 518.473.0472
      Mobile: 518.495.5993
      Email: mdouglas@...

      * If you do not receive De Nieu Nederlanse Marcurius
      in paper copy or
      if you would like to join our e-Discussion Group,
      please consider
      becoming a member of the New Netherland Institute.
      Information on becoming a
      member of the Institute is at


      * If you are already a member of the Institute (
      formerly called
      Friends of New Netherland) and would like to join our
      e-Discussion Group, go
      to http://www.nnp.org/fnn/forum.html to subscribe

      * If you have information that you would like us to
      share with
      colleagues, please email Charles Gehring at

      * Need to leave this list? Send a "SIGNOFF NEWMARC-L"
      (without the
      quotation marks) command in the body of your message
      LISTSERV@..., or contact the Listowner

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