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5889Re: [18cLife] Re: "UFB" and why it's still out there

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  • Carol Kocian
    Jul 20 11:16 AM
      Ugly f—ing bodice

      The beauty of the acronym is that the first two letters can be a number of things. :-)


      On Jul 20, 2014, at 4:27 AM, Falconmere@... [18cLife] <18cLife@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      If I recall correctly, it stands for 'ubiquitous f-----g bodice'.  But, of course, I may be misremembering.
      Ed Dammer
      Regiment de la Reine
      Augusta Regiment
      German Regiment
      In a message dated 7/20/2014 10:09:06 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, 18cLife@yahoogroups.com writes:

      Could someone please translate UFB? Unfounded BS?
      Thank you!
      Carol A.K.A. Sweet Caroline of the 17th century C Dog Tavern

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