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  • Bradley
    Greetings 13thmass Group, I thought I d post whats been happening lately with research. First, I m reading Trembling in the Balance by Timothy Snyder of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 23, 2011
      Greetings 13thmass Group,
      I thought I'd post whats been happening lately with research.
      First, I'm reading "Trembling in the Balance" by Timothy Snyder of Williamsport, MD. Tim and I have been long time correspondents, and he was a member of this group, but I don't know if he still receives email.

      Tim's book just came out, its a business history of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal during the CW. The 13th are part of that story, and so my interest in the book. I'm going to write more about it on my blog once I'm done, but I find it interesting & refreshing to read about effects of the war on companies rather than reading just about campaigns and leaders etc. You can find the book at Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

      Also, I spent a bit of time corresponding with Paul Brodeur of the Marlboro Historical Society and I'm happy to finally have a connection with one of the historical societies in the towns from where the regiment hailed. Paul posted the slides of his presentation on the John Brown Bell at a site I can link to, but I think they are still working out problems. I will post a link to his presentation soon. It was thorough, and moving. It gave great meaning to the service of the men, especially those from Marlboro. Three former slaves from Harper's Ferry, met up with the regt. when they were camped at Williamsport. The men of Marlboro recommended their home town to those former slaves as a good place to settle. They did. They and their descendants became prominent members of the community. I will post more about this soon.

      The 125th Quartermaster company of the Mass. National Guard(now in Worcester) was just honored (Oct 16th) as the 2nd oldest active militia unit in the nation, and the only one still in existence that participated in the revolutionary war. I will post some pictures when I get them. CO. F (from Marlboro) of the 13th was this same organization.

      The Sudbury Historical Society just came out with a book of family letters. George Moore, I think it is, of Co. F, and his brothers and family are the subjects. There will be a book signing in Sudbury Nov. 6. Again, I will post more on this at the blog.

      A resident of VA who lives on the Rapidan River across from Clarkes Mtn, wrote me recently. He wants to locate the winter camp of the regiment, 1863-64. It was at Mitchell's Station near his house. He knows the area well. It is also near Cedar Mtn. I sent him several transcriptions from Sam Websters diary, and some letters of John Noyes, and he sent me photos of the true route the regt took to the Cedar Mtn Battlefield in Aug, 1862! He intends to follow up with GPS coordinates. I hope to share this with the group here in the photos section. Possibly I will update the website too, if appropriate.

      I'm beginning to read about Fredericksburg, in preparation for the website. Yesterday, I started gathering source material together for the new page. I have lost many of my regular sources, for after 2nd Bull Run and Antietam the numbers of the unit were cut in half. Morale broke down at this period and there was contention in the ranks and among officers.

      If anyone wants more info on any of these things just ask.
      Sorry for the long post.
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