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    Greetings 13th Mass Group, Thought I would just send a message to keep in touch. June 2nd was the anniversary of our website, 13thmass.org It s ours
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 15, 2010
      Greetings 13th Mass Group,
      Thought I would just send a message to keep in touch. June 2nd was the anniversary of 'our' website, 13thmass.org It's 'ours' because all of you have helped in some way to make it what it is. Its now entering the 3rd year and I think, getting a little more exposure.

      I hope all of you are reading my blog, there is lots of good information going up there. Some of you are following it, and that helps make it look good - thanks.

      I'm happy to know the re-enactors put in an appearance at Marlboro Mass by the John Brown Bell last weekend. The 150th anniversary of the CW is drawing attention to local history. To that end, I'm corresponding with the city of Hagerstown, MD for a book, (their book) and also a friend who works at Antietam, for his book on the battlefield through the years. (Jim Perry, I will be contacting you - he found a photo of David Sloss touring the field with Col. Leonard).

      Re: the website; Strange, but after posting the last page on Cedar Mtn. I couldn't move forward. I finished reading Robert Krick's book on the battle after posting the page. I felt I hadn't delineated the part the 13th Mass played, as well as I should, and I was also haunted by the losses in the 10th Maine and 2nd Mass in that battle. I felt it was necessary to post something about the stand of those two regiments, because soldiers in the 13th commented on them. Subsequently, I updated the page with a couple new paragraphs and some new materials addressing these subjects. After doing that a few days ago, I suddenly felt free to move on, which I have done, building the page that leads into the battle of 2nd Bull Run.

      Thats about all the news for the group. Thanks for sticking with me all these years.

      And though most of you don't know this, I work in a very precarious field, and after an excruciating long period, I have landed a new gig, that will last almost a year. This means- the website will continue to grow.
      Best wishes
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