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Re: [13thmassgroup] The Battle of Bolivar Heights

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    Thanks for all your work. Best Regards, Harry Moss ... From: bradley To: 13thmassgroup@yahoogroups.com Sent: Sun, Jan 31, 2010 6:45 pm
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      Thanks for all your work.
      Best Regards, Harry Moss

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      From: bradley <bforbush@...>
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      Subject: [13thmassgroup] The Battle of Bolivar Heights

      Greetings 13th Mass Group.
      Thought I would send an update on research etc.

      The past few weeks member Mark Slayton and I have been corresponding
      with researchers at Harper's Ferry National Park. It seems they are
      gearing up for the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. They want to
      update their interpretation of the Oct 16 1861 "Battle of Bolivar
      Heights" which Companies C, I, & K participated in, along with three
      companies of the 3rd WI and some PA troops.

      I was able to recommend several new sources to them, but sadly the key
      item they were searching for seems to have been lost.

      Lauriman H. Russell of Co. I made a map of this engagement. A West
      Virginia publication from the early 1960's referenced this map which
      clearly defined battle lines and other important landmarks of this
      engagement. The park service would really like to find a copy of this
      map for their interpretation.

      It was supposed to be on deposit at the Marlboro, Mass. library, (in
      the basement), which I believe was where their historical collections
      were kept. The Librarian at Marlboro couldn't locate the document, and
      told the park ranger it was probably lost in a fire that occurred in
      the late 1960's.

      This was in the days before copy machines. Follow up inquiries to the
      Worcester Military museum came up negative. If anyone has any ideas
      where else to look please tell us !!
      Website updates -

      I added a southern newspaper article to the Williamsport '62 page
      today, and I'm slowly building the newest page for the site about Front
      Royal. I have requested assistance from the Warren County Heritage
      Society in Va. but haven't heard back from them.
      I am also trying to contact the Westboro Historical Society for a
      proposed book about Company K and other men from the town who served in
      the war.

      And in case you haven't visited the 13th Mass blog, I've been posting
      about 2 articles a month there all related to the regiment. (just
      google search "13th mass blog" to find it.

      Best wishes to all
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