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412Re: [13thmassgroup] Website 'updates'

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  • Brad Forbush
    Jan 24, 2014
      Thanks - Yes I thought I fixed that - give me a minute...
      If you find any more let me know !!


      On 1/24/2014 4:29 PM, David Walker wrote:

      Hey Brad,

      Good work. You are tireless.  

      The third link in the table of contents seems to be broken:


      On Jan 24, 2014, at 7:10 PM, Bradley wrote:


      Greetings 13th Mass Group !
      I want to announce some changes at the website.
      Group member Nancy Chapin got me in touch with her friend Walter, a professional web builder who offered to do some work on my site gratis.

      Walter redid the page layouts using tables, rather than pure css code. The benefit is the layouts of the table pages won't 'break.' Also I can match the styling of the early pages which are very loose, with the latest pages. Eventually all the pages will be re-built in this manner, but for now, using the new code, I have had the chance to revisit the earliest of pages and upgrade them.





      All these pages have been rebuilt and most have new content. Careful readers will notice the new footer containing quotes at the bottom of each page. This matches the newer page styling.

      Organization has a section, "How the 13th got their number", Sharpsburg has a ton of new stuff including letters of John Viles and Albert Liscom, etc. etc.

      There is still more material to add to the Departure page.

      Hancock, Darnestown, and Williamsport 1861 are up next. I will start with Hancock because it has the fewest changes.

      Of course this all means putting on hold the building of the new pages for the Gettysburg Campaign, but I have wanted to redo these early pages for a long while.

      [Compare these rebuilt pages to the Darnestown page to see the big difference.]
      Hope you like the new stuff! -- I will post more as the other pages are completed.

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