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407RE: [13thmassgroup] 13th Mass Concert

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  • Nancy Chapin
    Dec 27, 2013

    Thank you, Brad, for putting together the songs from the Glee Club’s 1862 performance. Listening to them is such a good way to add another dimension to the picture of what life in the army was like 150 years ago. Thank You!


    I’ve attached two letters (pictures of them and my transcription of them) from George E. Bigelow (Company C) written in October and November 1862.

    We found them when I visited my aunt and uncle at Thanksgiving.

    My uncle brought out a box of old family papers – and the letters were among them. What a find!


    George wrote the letters to his sister, Annie Pollard. They were both written in pencil, but one of them was written over in pen, I assume by George’s daughter, Alice Bigelow Chapin.


    Thanks again for being the collector and presenter of all things 13th Mass!


    I hope you’re having a nice holiday.


    Nancy Chapin

    Great-great-granddaughter of George E Bigelow


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    Greetings Group members;

    I posted this link to my blog at facebook, where I am friends with a few of you. It got a good response. How could I have forgotten to post it here ?

    In January 1862, members of the 13th Mass Glee Club gave a performance at Hagerstown. I posted about it on the blog, adding links to digital samples of as many songs as I could find on-line. The sheet music is available for all of them. Wouldn't it be great to gather up a group of musically minded people to record the missing songs !

    Merry Christmas and Hope you enjoy the link !



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