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  • JeffB
    Jun 13, 2013
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      I definitely feel the same especially when I continue to see these historic places fall to developers or neglect because the state or any private ownership cannot afford to keep them..When I see what Rockefeller did for Colonial Williamsburg  I am saddened that that there are no other millionares,or now-a-days,billionares, that couldn't devote some of their wealth to keep our history preserved.Shows me they just don't care about our,and their,heritage.Sad..

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      Subject: [13thmassgroup] Fitzhugh House, VA


      John Hennessy's current blog post is about the Fitzhugh House. He also pays our website a nice compliment.


      If there is a focal point for the 13th Mass in VA, this is it. This house was a field hospital (with Dr. Whitney in charge) in 1863. Whitney's tent was pitched right in front of the house. John S. Fay was wounded and operated in the house, here, and every man and officer of the regiment visited him while they were camped near by.

      Sadly the property is in jeopardy. Read the post.

      I wish those with an interest in the regiment could purchase the home and out buildings, (sans the surrounding acreage) and restore the place, and open it to the public. The house of course has a long standing deep history for Virginia, but the memory of the old 13th could be well represented in such an endeavor.

      I have no idea what this would cost but...

      Does anyone feel the same ?

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