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  • Bradley
    May 18, 2013
      Here are a couple neat links I found this week regarding Civil War era photographs.
      The first is a video of renowned Gettysburg Photographer Rob Gibson using the same process used in the CW to make a photographic portrait in his studio.


      This second site is a series of photos taken by two bros. in the 1880's. They traveled through many of the places and down many of the roads the 13th Mass traveled in 1861 -1862. If you want to see these roads as they appeared to the men in the 13th Check out all the images. They start on the valley pike in Winchester, VA - go over to Berryville and Halltown, (both places visited by the 13th, the latter by Co. D, who fixed up an old train engine and road it to Halltown from Winchester in March 1862).

      From Berryville they went north, & took pictures of the towns of Bolivar Heights, Harper's Ferry, Pleasant Valley & Sharpsburg. They even took a picture of an old Iron Furnace near Antietam. I've asked a friend to pinpoint the location of the structure, as I think CO's A & B camped near here in Aug. 1861.

      My favorite part is the end when the two Bros. traveled over the national road from Hagerstown MD, - over the mountains through Clear Spring MD, to Hancock, to Cumberland. The 13th marched over the Clear Spring Mtn road to Hancock many times in the winter of 61 -62. I think the toll gate they photographed at Licking Creek is the place where John B. Noyes did picket duty New Years Eve.


      The third link is the Center for Civil War Photography - their guide to finding CW era photos. I was able to find the Biscoe Bros. photos by following the link from here to the SMU collections.


      Hope you find these interesting
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