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384John Viles and Albert Liscom Letters Uploaded to Group site

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  • Bradley
    Apr 25, 2013
      Greetings Everyone,
      Since I've been bombarding you with messages lately I thought I'd reward you by uploading some of the letters I've been working on the past year.

      I uploaded about all the Albert Liscom letters except a few I am still puzzling over. Liscom was in CO. C. (about 72 letters)Aug 61 - Jan 63.

      I also uploaded about 70 letters of John Viles. Viles was the arranger for the band, (sort of a civilian position) so he was not part of the rank and file and his observations are interesting. There are more of Viles letters but I posted Aug 61 - April 62.

      I have not proofed or spell-checked the Viles letters so you're on your own. I haven't looked at them in a long while - I just uploaded them.

      To access these, log in to your Yahoo account, go to the group site and click on 'files' on the left column menu. You will see folders for both these.