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377transcription puzzle

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  • Brad Forbush
    Apr 6, 2013
    Greetings 13th Mass group

    I'm going to try something new here, and bother you with a puzzle. 

    Attached is a hi-res scan of a  letter of Albert Liscom with the transcription.  I cannot figure out the word or two words at the bottom of image 2478.

    He is describing the scenery around the Manassas Gap railroad in 1862.

    "most  of our company rode on a platform car so we had a good chance to see the scenery which is locsal/toanal oral canal/rural? most of the way

    along that line, at Markum we passed Col. Ashby’s house, it stands about two hundred yards  from the rail road, it is a two story white house, it looked as though it was plastered on the outside, it is rather a shabby looking place, we got in here and got our ponchos pitched, about dark."

    Sorry for the large attachment but anyone got any ideas?

    I've transcribed hundreds of pages but can't figure this out.


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