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ADD/ADHD Testimonies

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    ADD/ADHD TESTIMONIES No more Ritalin: I have been on the Biometics for just three weeks have ADD and Hyperactivity. Since being on the Get-Go-N and Biofuel, I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2002
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      No more Ritalin: "I have been on the Biometics for just three weeks
      have ADD and Hyperactivity. Since being on the Get-Go-N and Biofuel,
      I have noticed that I am more organized, am able to 'think straight'
      and focusing has become much easier than ever. My largest problem in
      school is math...I had a D three weeks ago and my teachers had a
      conference with my mom, as my grades were very low. This Monday, I
      received the Academic Achievement Award as I have raised my grades
      to C's and B's! I have also noticed a great help with my attitude
      and my ability to relate to others without getting short tempered.
      This product has been a miracle for me! I am busy telling all my
      friends about my wonderful results. I am only expecting to keep
      getting better and better! Thank you Biometics!" - Amanda, Age 11

      "Prescription drugs were not doing anything for Rachael. In fact,
      they were making it worse. Once I put her on Biometics, the results
      were amazing! I finally have the daughter I've been praying for." -
      Barbara, Livermore, CA

      "My eleven year old son, Nicolas, was diagnosed with Attention
      Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) three years ago. His behavior
      was literally tearing my family apart. At first we though it was
      strictly a behavioral problem and went through the sessions with a
      psychologist. This did not help. We were having a real problem as I
      found knives hidden under his bed. Once Nicolas became angry there
      was no bringing him back to a calm state. He even punched holes in
      the walls of our home. In a fit of anger, he threw something at this
      sister and split her head. Finally, three years ago, Nicolas was
      diagnosed with ADHD and we were told that Ritalin was the drug that
      would help. I agonized for six weeks as to whether he should be on
      it. As a parent, there is a real sense of guilt that goes with
      having to make the decision to put your child on this kind of
      powerful drug. Finally, I decided to put Nicolas on Ritalin. I felt
      like I had no alternative. He was put on 10 mg. in the AM and 10 mg.
      before lunch. If we were going somewhere at night, we would give him
      another 5 mg. We tried to keep him off the Ritalin on the weekends.
      The problem with Ritalin is that Nicolas's behavior was
      progressively getting worse when he was coming down off the Ritalin
      then it was before he took it. Nicolas himself asked not to take it
      because he didn't like the way he felt coming off it. My sister-in-
      law introduced me to the Biometics nutritional supplements. I got
      such dramatic results such as an increase in energy and it cleared
      up my allergies. My whole family is on the products. Nine weeks ago,
      I started Nicolas on full dosages of Biometics. I could see the
      difference within a week's time. All of a sudden he was calm. We
      were able to eliminate the Ritalin completely by the end of the
      first week. It has been nine weeks since Nicolas has taken any
      Ritalin. His temperament is very level and his anger is under
      control. Now we can have a disagreement and I can bring him back to
      a calm state. I feel like I have a whole new child. He is so happy
      and he gets along with his sister. Our family life is pleasant once
      again." (UPDATE: "I could not believe what happened to my son after
      using these products. It has now been two years since he started the
      products and he is has been Ritalin free for 1 3/4 years. In the
      mean time, I registered to become a distributor. I have dedicated my
      entire Biometics business on ADD/ADHD children and their families
      and I often hold seminars on how to deal with an ADD/ADHD child
      without drugs.") - Elizabeth, L.A., CA

      "We started Joey on Biometics on a Monday. On Tuesday at school he
      was able to sit still for the first time. His teachers were
      wondering what happened so I had to tell them. They are in awe of
      his improvements." - Kendal, CA

      Heard at a Biometics presentation...A forty year old gentleman was
      diagnosed with ADD only one year ago. All of his life he was very
      antisocial in school and felt like a complete failure, but never
      understood why. He recognized that he had very poor organizational
      skills and needed to be doing 4-5 things at once, although he felt
      deep down that he was a good person. He just couldn't cope, so his
      doctor prescribed Ritalin, which is an amphetamine. Ritalin is
      supposed to calm a person with ADD, but for this individual, it had
      the opposite effect and made his symptoms even worse. He then
      developed Ryder's Syndrome, which is a type of arthritis caused by
      inflammation of the connective tissue. It left a permanent blur in
      the pupil of his eyes. His doctor said Ryder's Syndrome was brought
      on by the additional stress of trying to cope with society with ADD.
      In just over thirty days after taking Biometics products, he has seen
      dramatic changes beginning with relief from fatigue, which forced
      regular napping. He has also stopped taking Ritalin and the blurred
      spot in his pupils has disappeared. He now reports that Biometics is
      helping his body and brain chemistry to find a healthy balance.
      Symptoms of the arthritis have now subsided.

      "One of my kids has ADHD. By using Bio Fuel and Get-Go-N-Plus this
      child is responding as well as, if not better than, when he was on
      the prescription medicine. He takes Get-Go-N-Plus three times a day,
      whenever he is having trouble, and within 15 to 20 minutes we can
      see a calming effect and the ability to concentrate better. My
      husband also takes Ritalin for ADD, and he still does. There are
      times when he doesn't take the Ritalin. He then uses the Get-Go-N-
      Plus, as he is in the process of trying to wean himself off the
      Ritalin. He also uses Bio Fuel as well as the Get-Go-N-Plus. He is
      feeling much better and says his math skills are much sharper with
      the Get-Go-N-Plus. Biometics has really helped them." - Bonnie

      "My son was diagnosed with ADD and had been on Ritalin since he was
      6 years old. He is now 14. It was a very difficult decision to put
      him on the Ritalin. He had terrible food allergies and I was also
      trying to balance his behavior with the food he could eat and
      eliminating the foods that set him off. We had him on the Ritalin
      during the school year and took him off of it during the summers.
      When he was on the Ritalin he consistently had night terrors. One of
      the side effects of having an ADD child was that other families did
      not want to spend time with us. It can make you feel very isolated.
      He started taking the Biometics products in February 1994. He took
      mainly Bio Fuel and Aloe Plus Concentrate with minimal Get-Go-N. His
      doctor felt he shouldn't have much caffeine, although he was still
      getting it in some of the sodas he drank and the caffeine did not
      affect him. When school started in the fall of 1994, he was doing so
      much better that it did not occur to us to put him back on the
      Ritalin. He took 20 mg. twice a week that were time released and 10
      mg. three times a week that were not time released and he did not
      take it on the weekends. The doses and times got smaller and smaller
      over a four month period. We were always trying to balance what he
      took. What we discovered that after being off the Ritalin for 4-5
      months, was that he started to grow. He grew 6 inches this last
      year. He had always been smaller in height and weight than the
      average and we were thrilled with his growth. He has taken Karate to
      learn how to deal with things and to help him learn self-control.
      When he went to the eye doctor (he had worn glasses for a very long
      time) the doctor told him he no longer needed glassed. He is feeling
      better and better about himself. He works a lot on the computer and
      in the testing they do at the end of the year his comprehension is
      way beyond his grade. He also reads large books and reads a lot more
      than the average adult. We are very grateful for what Biometics has
      done for our son."- Judith, E. Helena, MT

      "My son has ADD and is on the products. Biometics has a special
      program for mental alertness called the Nutritional Alert Program. I
      have noticed that he is a lot more calm, happier and more observant.
      And he even got a 'good listener' award in school the first week he
      was on the products! I was so pleased with the results that after my
      first week on the products I became a distributor!" - The Cyr
      Family, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

      "The medicine slows down my body so I can sit still in school and
      not get in trouble. But my thinking is like a movie going fast
      forward. With the vitamins my thinking slows down so I can pay
      attention better and it's easy to sit still. In the two years I have
      taken the medicine, I haven't grown any and I'm not hungry. Now I
      eat all the time and I've gained ten pounds. Before I couldn't sleep
      at night because when I laid down all the wiggles I had stored up
      all day came out my feet. Now I sleep really well! I like to take
      the Bio-stuff because I don't get into trouble as much any more." -
      Lucia (11 yrs. old)

      "I have a son, Matthew, with ADHD and a learning disability. When he
      entered kindergarten, he was disruptive in class, had no friends,
      and was not completing his work. I received notes and/or telephone
      calls on him almost everyday. When he began Biometics, I started him
      on a dose for a child. It was not until he was on a full adult dose
      that I knew the "light bulb" had come on for him. He began to
      complete his assignments, make friends in class and become proud of
      his accomplishments. When I first started him on products ... he
      took and Aloe+ for focus and concentration and Cal/Mag 100, for the
      hyperactivity. The Bio Alert has added even more concentration and
      memory. He has just finished 2nd grade making all S's and A's on his
      spelling tests every Friday. He began 2nd grade at the end of 1st
      grade reading level but ended 2nd grade reading on the 1st level of
      3rd grade. There is no cure of ADD/ADHD; but, I know that Matt would
      have eventually gone on Ritalin (against my better judgment) had it
      not been for Biometics." - Teresa

      "My son Kevin (5 years old) was diagnosed with ADHD in March, 1997,
      and started on Ritalin and Catapres. A year later things were not
      better. He was reevaluated in March 1998 and his medications were
      recommended to be increased and if this didn't work then change
      medications or send him to a school for behavioral kids. I was
      desperate to find something rather than to have to send my son away.
      Prayers were answered. I came across a Biometics brochure in my
      dentist office. I contacted the name on the brochure and she sent me
      a two-day sample. I got a lift from that and let my son taste it. He
      said he would try it in Grape Kool-Aid. I ordered the Nutritional
      Alert Program and Cal/Mag 100. My son's progress was barely
      noticeable the first week but he was calmer, more alert. The second
      week was even better than that. My husband and daughters noticed a
      difference too. During the second week I started to decrease Kevin's
      Catapres (used for calming him down at night from the Ritalin) and
      after he had been on Biometics for one month, he was drug free!
      Praise God and thank you Biometics for giving me back my child who
      is now very loving, eats like a horse, and is a whole lot calmer." -
      Jane, Clayton, NC

      Christopher was diagnosed with ADHD and Intermittent Explosive
      Disorder (IED) over a year ago, when he just turned 8. For those
      unfamiliar with IED, it is a disorder that causes intermittent,
      explosive anger. For example, Christopher could be working on his
      homework quietly and then the next minute (with out warning) he
      would start screaming, yelling and throwing everything that was
      close to him. Of course, this is a mild example. Nevertheless, I
      could go on telling plenty of horror stories that brings the true
      meaning of IED. In the past when he got angry he has separated his
      bedroom door frame from the wall, kicked and punched holes in walls,
      thrown dining room chairs at me or his brother, bite, kick and claw
      me, threatened me with knives, well I think you get the point. The
      episodes could last from 1-2 hours. The only thing I could do to
      protect the family from him was to place him in a basket hold
      (placing him prone on the floor and sitting above him holding him
      down). The part the really scared me was after he was able to come
      down from these 'highs', within minutes he would go from anger to
      passing out on the floor. In many cases, Christopher will not even
      remember what he did. Before starting him on the Biometics, I met
      with his psychiatrist. She had agreed that the medication he was
      taking obviously was not working. My options were to increase his
      dosage or find an even stronger drug. Both of us were concerned with
      these options too. Christopher had been very sensitive to the meds.
      We were constantly battling to keep weight on him; his face had lost
      all color, and had very dark circles and bags under his eyes. If he
      missed the medication, he would vomit (almost acted as if he had the
      flu). Anyway, with his therapist's permission we weaned him off the
      medication (both Paxil and Adderall) and 'built' him up on the
      Biometics. The last five weeks have been the most incredible and
      highly emotional time for our family. I honestly did not notice many
      behavioral changes at first. The first and second day however, the
      changes he exhibited were physical. He started getting color back in
      his face and the dark circles started to disappear. By the third
      day, well, that is where our new family life began. On that early
      morning things seemed to be going well, until it was about time for
      him to go to school. Christopher then got that look in his eye. The
      look I knew to well. I was waiting and bracing myself for the war to
      begin. However, for the very first time, Christopher took a deep
      breath. He PICKED up his schoolbooks and WALKED out of the house. I
      was dumbfounded and did not know what to do. So I went after him. He
      came to me with tears in his eyes and sat with me outside (in front
      of all of his friends). We held each other and talked. With
      Christopher's head against my chest, he told me he loved me. I then
      asked him if he was embarrassed, he could go be with his friends. He
      looked up to me and said "No mom.I want to be with you." I cried
      that day.and that night. Five weeks later Christopher still has not
      attacked me. Instead when he gets upset we sit down and talk, this
      would never have been possible with the 'old Christopher'. According
      to his teacher, although there are some lingering issues, he has not
      confronted or threatened her either in the last five weeks. I am so
      excited and very amazed that Biometics could help my son lead a
      normal and healthy life. My son is so excited with his results too;
      that he tells everybody he possibly can about how he now feels.
      Thank you Biometics for helping getting my family back!! Deana

      P.S. My neighbor Kelly (to whom I always went to for moral support
      when Christopher was out of control), Commented that she has not
      heard from me lately and asked what I was doing different. She said
      he seemed so much better behaved now. After telling her the story,
      here are her observations in her own words.

      My name is Kelly and I live across the street from Christopher. I
      have noticed a big change in the way Christopher looks and how he
      acts since Deana has taken him off of his prescription medications
      and put him on the vitamins. He was looking so sick all the time on
      the prescription medication. He was losing weight and looked like he
      never slept, he had bags under his eyes all the time. He also seems
      to be more in control of his actions now too. He is much more
      respectful and loving. I don't hear him screaming at his mother and
      brother anymore. I find it amazing the differences I have seen in
      Christopher in the short time he has been off of the prescription
      medication and on the vitamins instead. It took longer for the
      prescription medications to modify his behavior and they didn't work
      as well as the vitamins have worked. - Kelly

      Hello. Several people have called or e-mailed lately to ask for my
      son's (Justin) testimony. Here it is:
      Justin was 10 1/2 years old when he began taking Biometics (NE6
      program/adult serving size). At the time he was on Ritalin and had
      been for 5 1/2 years. He had frequent migraines, occasional tummy
      aches, and sinus/allergies. He also had developed "tics" (shaking
      his head, and blinking his eyes). I started him on Biometics, to
      give him the nutrition his body needed, because the medication
      curbed his appetite so much (he only ate breakfast and normally
      threw his lunch away and then "picked" at his dinner). The third
      morning when he woke up, he seemed much calmer and happier. I didn't
      have to tell him 2-3 times to get his things ready, or to make his
      bed, like I normally did. I knew at that moment, something was
      working on him. I referred to him as a Perfect Child. During this
      first month trial period, I kept him on his full dosage of Ritalin.
      He would complain about having to wait 30 minutes to eat, but I was
      very firm, and told him he was going to take Biometics for 30 days,
      so he could either complain and be miserable or just take it and get
      on with his day. Eventually, if he complained, I'd give him a
      choice, Ritalin or Vitamin. He always grabbed the vitamin cocktail
      and gulped it down. To this day, you could not force this child to
      take another Ritalin tablet! The second month on product, we
      decreased his Ritalin in half and then increased the GGN Plus. At
      the end of the second month, we cut the Ritalin out completely. He
      has been medication free for almost 3 years now. His doctor has even
      referred other parents looking for alternative treatments to us.
      He's gaining weight, he's much happier and he has only gone to the
      doctor once for a yearly physical Justin also has a learning
      disability. His grades have consistently improved each year. If he
      works really hard and continues doing well this year, I believe he
      will "test out" of his language resource class. Last year and the
      year before, I even had 2 teachers tell me they had no idea Justin
      was ADD. After all the years of feeling helpless dealing with ADD, I
      could have cried for joy! Justin is a firm believer in Biometics and
      doesn't hesitate telling others about what it's done for him. -

      Please visit our website for more information about how Biometics
      can possibly help you or your loved ones with ADD/ADHD.

      Beck's Biometics
      Website: http://www.beckinc.com
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