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  • busterandbabs@webtv.net
    6/23/49 ~ OH ***F/ad born in Cleveland, 6-23-48, ISO Bfamily. My Bname was Durinda Turosy. Cheryl ~ speedski7@msn.com 4/6/58 ~ CA ***I was born Baby Girl Kern,
    Message 1 of 80 , Sep 6, 2000
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      6/23/49 ~ OH
      ***F/ad born in Cleveland, 6-23-48, ISO Bfamily. My Bname was Durinda
      Turosy. Cheryl ~ speedski7@...
      4/6/58 ~ CA
      ***I was born Baby Girl Kern, 4/6/58, in Oakland. I am ISO any Bfamily.
      Kristie ~ klewis50@...
      3/7/57 ~ TX
      ***M/ad born in Canyon, 3/7/57, ISO Bparents. Bmother was singe, 16.
      Bfather was in the Air Force. Mark ~ Kimberly_Pearce@...
      11/16/63 ~ NE
      ***M/ad born in Omaha, 11/16/63, ISO Bfamily. Adopted through Des Moines
      CC, 2/64. Thomas ~ UNDERWOODUTDJ@...
      ***I was born Michael Miller, 11/22/65, in Torrance. I am ISO my
      Bmother, lst name Miller. mjbuettner@...
      11/14/66 ~ MO
      ***M/ad born in St.Louis, 11/14/66, ISO Bfamily. William ~
      4/17/67 ~ NJ
      ***I was born Heidi Schaarschmidt, in Ft. Monmouth, 4/17/67. I am ISO my
      Bparents. I was adopted from the Ft. Monmouth Adoption Agency. Patricia
      ~ gio vacp@...
      11/3/67 ~ CA
      ***ISO Brother born Bruce Woods, in Alameda, 11/3/67. Bmother's name was
      Susan Woods. I just learned my brother was out there a year ago. Someone
      at reunionregistry.com Emailed us back to correctly identify this DOB
      but has not given us any other info on how to contact this person.
      Robert ~ Cwoods2120 @...
      5/22/68 ~ PA (update)
      ***ISO Son born 5/22/68 in Harrisburg, Dauphin Co, at Community General
      Osteopathic Hosp, by Dr. John W. Whitenight. Adoption through Family &
      Children's Services, finalized in Dauphin Co. Was in Foster care for 4
      mos then placed with Aparents. Adoption was finalized @1 yr later.
      Joanne ~ farns@...
      9/20/68 ~ OH
      ***F/ad born in Columbus, 9/20/68, interested in learning medical
      info/geneology. Mine was a private adoption. Michelle ~
      7/23/70 ~ GA
      ***F/ad born in Atlanta, 7/23/70, ISO Bparents. Robyn ~
      8/14/70 ~ VA
      ***F/ad born 7/32/70 in Danville, ISO Bfamily. My daughter just finished
      a year of chemotherapy. I really need medical info. Priscilla ~
      zaccasey@gamewoo d.net
      12/15/79 ~ MN
      ***Bmother ISO son born Kevin O'Neill, in Minneapolis, 12/15/79. My name
      was Kim Kendrick, Bdad's James O'Neill, we married. The adoption was
      handled by CC, St Paul. Kim ~ sarahsmom@...
      8/6/80 ~ NY
      ***M/ad born Isaac Santos, in Manhattan, 8/6/80, ISO Bmother Madeline
      Santos. She was 21 when I was born. Dr. Benjamin Izsak signed my BC.
      Isaac ~ Adanyluk@ aol.com
      Message: 2
         Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2000 09:04:48 EDT
         From: Bmom2Amy@...
      Subject: Search Posts 9/5/00 (page 2)
      Please share freely with other triad groups. Angels, thanks for helping
      those you can! Others, do not solicit from this mailing. Thanks! D.
      7/4/47 ~ CA
      ***M/ad born in San Diego, 7/4/47, ISO any Bfamily. Dr. Lewis was the DR
      of record. Carl ~ crhmail@...
      6/21/52 ~ CA
      ***I was born as Baby Male Carlton, 6/21/52 in LA. My mother, Barbara
      Cartwright, and father had a girl about 2-3 ys old at the time of my
      adoption. Barry ~ tconcept@...
      5/6/59 ~ OR
      ***F/ad born, Lisa Ott, in Portland, 5-6-59, ISO Bmother Phyllis Ott
      (nee Hagenbach). Melissa ~ TimMelTyWt@...
      3/5/64 ~ CA
      ***F/ad born in Ventura, 3/5/64, ISO Brelatives. Nancy ~ NKrig35@...
      4/13/69 ~ TX
      ***F/ad born 4/13/69, in Dallas, ISO Bparents. Happy and Curious :-) I
      have two brothers David and Christopher by birth mother (prev marriage).
      Tammie ~ t jones@...
      12/24/69 ~ FL
      ***ISO my Brother, born Curt Charles, in Duniden, 12/24/69. Our mother's
      name was Elizabeth Sota. My brother has a nephew who would also like to
      meet him. Skeeter Brewer ~ skeeter_kim@...
      7/30/71 ~ NY
      ***F/ad born in Buffalo, 7/30/71, ISO Bparents/siblings. I was adopted
      through CC. Suzanne ~ suzyweb@...
      2/23/72 ~ NH
      ***I am ISO my Bmother. I have a few medical questions that I need her
      help with. I am a F/d born 2/23/72, in NH. Stephanie ~
      6/3/72 ~ FL
      ***F/ad born in St. Petersburg, 6/3/71, ISO Bmother Sandra Kay Dhooge.
        ~ thorpemelissa@...
      9/11/72 ~ MS
      ***ISO Brother born Edward Taylor/Eatherton, in Tupelo, 9/11/72. Mom's
      name was Susanne Russo (Taylor/Eatherton) Bdad was Earl/Ed
      Taylor/Eatherton. Ed was abducted from his mother and lost to Children's
      Services in Hancock Co. Bonnie ~ Bonny7212@...
      9/21/73~ CO
      ***F/ad born in Denver, 9/21/73, ISO any Bfamily. Dena ~ dknoe@...
      12/31/73 ~ NJ
      ***F/ad born in East Orange, 12/31/73, ISO Bmother. I pray that I will
      meet her! Rosemary ~ Duvall@...
      8/13/77 ~ OK
      ***Bmother ISO son born Boy Roof, in OKC, 8/13/77. My name was Janet
      Roof. tee dwards@...
      8/31/82 ~ FL
      ***F/ad born in Jacksonville, 8/31/82, ISO Bparents. Bmom's name was
      Margaret Kiep, Bdad's Laris (?last name unknown). Bmom was @5'2", Bdad,
      Elizabeth ~ kallie@...

      Value your life, have a P.A.P. Smear and Mammogram TODAY!!
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    • busterandbabs@webtv.net
      Kim Alexander Adoptee sDOB   11/24/64 Your Email Addy   ugalex@dellnet.com City&State Birth   Ilwaco WA City&State Adopt   Ilwaco WA InSearchOf   bparents
      Message 80 of 80 , Sep 7, 2000
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        Kim Alexander
        Adoptee'sDOB   11/24/64
        Your Email Addy   ugalex@...
        City&State Birth   Ilwaco WA
        City&State Adopt   Ilwaco WA
        InSearchOf   bparents
        BRIEF comments   Bmom from Astoria WA
        judi christian
        Adoptee'sDOB   12/5/66
        Your Email Addy   djboyz007@...
        City&State Birth   LA CA
        City&State Adopt   LA CA
        InSearchOf   bfamily
        BRIEF comments   bname carver bdad name plumley priv adopt
        allison c
        Adoptee'sDOB   12-24-73
        Your Email Addy   allie316@...
        City&State Birth   zainesville OH
        City&State Adopt   cincinnati OH
        InSearchOf   bfamily
        Adoptee'sDOB   8/12/52
        Your Email Addy   jshep@... City&State Birth   Sasebo
        City&State Adopt   Sasebo Japan
        InSearchOf   bcousin
        BRIEF comments   adpt 6/6/1958 bparents searching Aname Tommy Joe
        Renee Martin nee Herndon
        Adoptee'sDOB   11/15/81
        Your Email Addy   RmartinR@...
        City&State Birth   CalgaryAlberta Canada City&State Adopt  
        CalgaryAlberta Canada InSearchOf   bdau Carrie Lynn Herndon
        BRIEF comments   Calgary Gen Hosp Adad was a prof
        Adoptee'sDOB   2/5/63
        Your Email Addy   lilmamatulip@... City&State Birth   royal
        oak MI
        City&State Adopt   pontiac MI
        InSearchOf   bfam
        BRIEF comments   MI Children's Aid Society
        Adoptee'sDOB   9/5/70
        Your Email Addy   noonch2@...
        City&State Birth   FtStJohn British Columbia City&State Adopt  
        FtStJohn B.C.
        InSearchOf   B Twin boys
        Adoptee'sDOB   4/13/76
        Your Email Addy   beautiful1@... City&State Birth   Denver
        City&State Adopt   Larimer Cnty
        InSearchOf   Bson
        Dottie Ann Davis Ridenour
        Adoptee'sDOB   5-25-75
        Your Email Addy   Davis-DottieAnn1@... City&State Birth   Flint
        City&State Adopt   Flint MI ?
        InSearchOf   Bson
        BRIEF comments   Bname Davis
        Rema Rema_adoptsearch@...
        Adoption Search and Reunion Website
        Colorado Registry
        TRD#284Message: 3
        F/Adoptee born 6/7/39 Salvation Army Women's Home & Hospital Wichita,
        Ks. B/m's name Ruth E Beecher
        TRD#284Message: 4
        "bearwort" <bearwort@...>
        born renee lynn parker
        cook county hospital
        chicago, ill.
        delivered by dr. a.j. wisch
        atty: lazerwith and or nathan einhorn
        TRD#284Message: 5
        ISO: Paula
        Born: 1961(give or take a year),
        birth name: Paula Marie or Jean
        Place: Syracuse, Albany, Utica, Rome
        BMother: Elizabeth Ann Curley (may have used the name Mary)
        BFather: unknown; may be Italian
        TRD#284Message: 6
        "Chris Forsythe" <oldfolks857@...>
        Male AD born in Cincinnati, Ohio
        TRD#284Message: 7
        Birth Name: Joseph D. Lamassa
        DOB: December 13, 1941
        Place: New York, NY, St. Ann's Hospital, New York foundling Hospital
        TRD#284Message: 10
        "Pella-Rose " <pellarose@...>
        ISO M/A Terrence (Prideaux) ? (may be Kappen)
        Born 02/16/1952
        Born in Akron, OH (But may think Los Angeles, CA) Adopted in Los
        Angeles, CA in/about 1955
        TRD#284Message: 13
        F/A DOB: 11/02/1954,
        adopted in arkansas, pulaski county, little rock
        TRD#284Message: 16
        Judith M. Dale, 5/19/67
        Female. Born in Camden County, NJ.
        NJ Childrens Services
        (now known as DYFS)
        attorney John A. Matthews, Jr. of Newark, NJ Adoption finalized in 8/68
        Freehold, NJ. birthname AnneMarie Spence.
        TRD#284Message: 20
        fisch1 <fisch1@...>
        Baby girl born 9/19/62, Balt MD
        Bmom... Lois (dob ?/?/1945)
        AGE: she was 16(1/2?) in Feb of 62 and 17 at the time of my birth)
        Bfather... Robert (dob ?/?/1943)
        DOB 9/19/62
        ISO Lois & Robert
        TRD#284Message: 22
        found my bparents, and 18 siblings.
        Still searching for my older, and only full blooded, brother. Born Larry
        Ace Robinson Jamestown, NY 2/24/56 Relinquished: 11/27/57 (with me)
        Larry may still have been in foster care as of 6/59,
        and may have been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes.
        TRD#284Message: 26
        "pattyellen" <leavemlaughing@...> F/Ad born Patricia Ellen
        Nelson 2/9/47 Newark, Essex County, NJ Relinquished - Catholic Charities
        of Newark, NJ on 4/52. Final Adoption through Essex County Family
        TRD#284Message: 27
        "Sandy " <jdwoman@...>
        Please, if anyone knows of this person, please contact me. Bname:
        Jonathan Lee Holden Hosp: St.Lukes (now Meritcare)Fargo, ND Adopted
        through: Lutheran Social Services,Fargo AFather: Lawyer AMother: College
        Degree ( stopped working when they got you.) Date of Birth: 10-14-71
        I have NEVER stopped THINKING, or LOVING You, if you are out there, I
        hope and pray, our paths will cross. Your Bmom, Sandy Trader
        «»«»«End TRD#284»«»«»

        Also see several thousand registrations
        searchable at Adoptee Birthfamily Connections
        moderator, theregistry@egroups.com
        Adoptee Birthfamily Connections

        Value your life, have a P.A.P. Smear and Mammogram TODAY!!
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