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Re: Catenary and a bit of "heresy"

Hello Joe, ... As long as you model the older version of the Bernina-line, you can use the Sommerfeld parts for the old FO catenary. For my own Om-layout
Hubert W
Oct 9, 2010

Catenary and a bit of "heresy"

All, Hard to believe it's been ~2 years since the last post on this group! Perhaps time for a little action! I have a question and a statement that might seem
Sep 17, 2010

Group termination

All After some considerable time of inactivity I have feel that this group has run its course and either there is just not the interest in keeping it going or
Oct 20, 2008

Lima O scale trains

Hello! I am new to this group and joined because I was wondering if there was anyone that could educate me on O scale/gauge Lima model trains. I have an old
Sep 6, 2008

Re: [!! SPAM] Re: [0mSwissmetregauge] Jubilee

Hi Bob Thanks for the info. Regards Terry ... From: Bob Simmonds To: 0mSwissmetregauge@yahoogroups.com Sent: Tuesday, April 01, 2008 10:48 AM Subject: [!!
Apr 3, 2008

Re: Jubilee

Terry Ebay UK has this one for auction
Bob Simmonds
Apr 1, 2008

Re: Om Track

This may seem sacreligious, but has anyone regauged Om models to run on American On3 track? David Weidler
Mar 18, 2008

The Alps

Greetings all. I am new to the Om Swiss group. There is a new movie playing at Omnimax theaters called The Alps. The movie is about one man's quest to climb
Mar 18, 2008

Re: Om Track

Hello John, ... you think that would be problematic without reworking all the wheelsets? Could be. I once had set a Fama car with original wheelsets on one of
Hubert Wetekamp
Mar 4, 2008

Group postings and membership

Hi All Sorry for the slow response to some members joining and moderating post, have been mad busy at work and rather thought everyone had gone into
Mar 2, 2008

Re: Om Track

Have tried SHS - 20" curves are too sharp, and have used Gargarves which works OK. The old Gargraves wide radius switches should work too, but the new 42" ones
Mar 2, 2008

Re: Om Track

Thanks Hubert, My circle of Om friends is small, very small. Fama are beautiful Swiss trains, but not popular and availability is very limited here in the
Mar 2, 2008

Alpinline news

Dear members, The Alpinline website (www.alpinline.com) has been updated with the new models 2008. New price list is always available through the shops or
Feb 28, 2008

Re: Om Track

Hello John, once at the circle of narrow gauge friends Kiel one of our members, who passed away a couple of years ago, used Shinohara S-gauge track and
Hubert Wetekamp
Feb 24, 2008

Om Track

- Hello and good day Om fans, Has anyone had experience using different types of track, such as S Scale Helper, Classic Trains or Gargraves, with the original
Feb 24, 2008
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