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185Re: Catenary and a bit of "heresy"

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  • Hubert W
    Oct 9, 2010
      Hello Joe,

      > First: What are you using for catenary? I assume the FO modelers are using Sommerfeldt but what about the RhB fans?

      As long as you model the older version of the Bernina-line, you can use the Sommerfeld parts for the old FO catenary. For my own Om-layout (Finescale 22.2 mm), which is actual not in working order (I'm building a 6 meter long On3 module-station) I had planned the FO caternary, because it's really easy to set up, and you also can use rubber-thread as wire (solder small peaces of fitting pipes, grinded open at the bottom to the FO mast and you can stretch the rubber, so that it will slide into the pipe and fasten itself when the stress is released). From FerroSuisse there are parts for the catenary system of the RhB / FO available. I once got some of this parts together with some FerroSuisse models, and the guy, who was selling it, had build some masts by himself from brass-shapes.

      > Now, considering it appears we're either using the affordable but limited variety of models from Fama/Utz equipment in plastic OR the expensive but beautiful Ferro Suisse/Fulgarex/Lemaco/etc., has anyone else considered modifying Oe/On30 equipment?

      Here in Germany, the Om-scene (FineScale) used - especially in the beginning - expensive Maerklin Minex equipment, which was modelled after southern narrow gauge prototypes. Also, some plastic-models of standard gauge equipment was narrowed and put on regauged On3-trucks. But that's all german or freelanced prototypes. Also the underframes from MagicTrain where broadened and used for Om with modified or new superstructures.

      > I'm not suggesting changing the gauge of Oe to suit Om but modeling meter gauge in Oe. Generally, Fleischmann's "Magic Train" goods wagons are affordable (~12 Euros to ~15 Euros on eBay). There are some really nice Oe steam loks available OR kits to modify existing HO mechanisms to simulate Oe.

      That's similar to the newer On30-modellers in the US, which model 3' prototype on 16.5 mm gauge. Over here, their are so many prototypes of 750mm railroads, and often meter-gauge-prototypes where also build for 750 mm, most of the Oe railroaders have their 750 mm prototypes and don't model metergauge. On the other hand, the Om finescaler build their models scratch or from kits.

      > Of course, these models are not accurate for Swiss prototypes! However, I think with a modest amount of modification, they would be acceptable. I am considering using Magic Train underframes from Addie Model and fabricating the bodies of the goods wagons. The problem then becomes finding accurate decals or dry transfers for our Swiss railways. Does anyone know who produces Swiss RhB/FO/etc. decals in O scale?

      Before you start doing this, mention, that Magic Train is out of business and Addie is selling the remaining stock. No more models will be produced by Fleischmann, since Fleischmann has a new owner.

      For Om Suisse prototype their is AlpinLine (http://www.alpinline.com/) in styrene beside the brass models from FerroSuisse and co.
      For German prototype, their is Henke in Berlin producing a small amount of Om, and Axel Hartig very limited run models in brass.
      Oe is catered by Henke as well as KS Modelleisenbahn.
      Henke (http://www.modellbauhenke.de/index_e.php) produces plastic-kit's and RTR of most saxonian railways, and KS (http://www.ks-modelleisenbahnen.de/) focuses his production on Romanian logging railroads, based on HO chassis (example Diesel-Engine LH45 on Pico HO Taurus or steam-engine Resita on Bachmm OF Consolidation in On30).

      Greetings from Germany
      Hubert The Goose
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