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176Re: Om Track

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  • Hubert Wetekamp
    Mar 4, 2008
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      Hello John,

      > I was planning on using Fama and some S scale track together. Do
      you think that would be problematic without reworking all the wheelsets?

      Could be. I once had set a Fama car with original wheelsets on one of
      my modules, which used code 100 rail and a gauge of 22,2 mm instead
      the 22,5 mm as Fama used. The car rolled, but the flanges hit the spikes.

      > I have meter pieces of some of the track I may use and the cars seem
      > to roll ok, but running a train over a meter and operating on a
      > layout are two different things.

      S-standard-gauge track has a gauge of 22,5 mm and so the same as FAMA.
      The only difference will be the flanges of the wheels, but perhaps you
      will find fitting wheels from NWSL or so.

      > The issue comes down to cost. 24fr for a metter piece plus shipping
      > to the USA puts my budget for trains in the red. I have acquired
      all the stainless fama track that I can find here. I also want the
      > graceful curves that flex track offers.

      > I understand the 20 mm, what is RP25?

      RP25 is the NMRA term for an HO flange on wheels. This describes the
      height of the flange as well as the radius to the rest of the wheel.
      Check out the NMRA HO standards to understand, what this means.

      In Om, this standards are much closer to the prototype than on
      HO-scale wheels.

      Greetings from Germany
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