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    WHY WE HOMESCHOOL Education stories from this week s headlines, reported by author LauraMaery Gold, for the benefit of more than 8300 parents and other
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      Education stories from this week's headlines, reported by author
      LauraMaery Gold, for the benefit of more than 8300 parents and
      other educators who care about kids. (See distribution notice
      at end before forwarding all or part of this column)

      BECAUSE OUR KIDS ARE FUNNY! A reader writes: "A former classmate of my son
      Kelly asked why he's not in school any more. 'He's homeschooled now,' I
      replied. 'How would YOU like to be homeschooled?'
      'No way!' she answered, 'I get THREE recesses!'" -- Lois Corcoran,
      Gladstone, Michigan *

      MICHIGAN HOMESCHOOLERS PROFILED. A quest for academic excellence influences
      the decision to homeschool, says this favorable report on homeschooling in
      Michigan. But homeschooling may not be legal, says an assistant
      superintendent for governmental services for the Michigan Department of
      Education interviewed for the article. "The local school district where the
      family lives may look in on (home-schoolers) to see if they�re meeting
      compulsory school laws.� If the school district feels "educational neglect"
      is taking place, parents could face charges.
      Bet you went to sleep last night thinking you were safe, right?

      HOMESCHOOLERS EXCEL IN BEES. A CNN report focuses on homeschoolers win
      academic competition in disproportionate numbers. While home-educated
      children make up only 2 percent of school-aged children, they continue to
      win prestigious competitions around the United States. Homeschooled children
      comprised 10 percent of the finalists in the National Spelling Bee, and make
      up significant numbers of finalists in other academic competitions.

      WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? An editor at the local newspaper tells the real story
      behind the North Idaho standoff between government officials and a family of
      homeschooled children. It wasn't educational neglect, the editor says. It
      was a land grab. And the only reason it made news is because the kids sicced
      their dogs on the authorities.
      Hmmm�A business opportunity for Rottweiler breeders?

      IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING. No, we're not all hiding in the woods or
      avoiding taxes. Here's a positive look at homeschooling from other
      homeschoolers in Northern Idaho.
      OK, sometimes we DO hide in the woods�but only if we have an academic

      Senate Approves Measure to Legalize Internet Use of Educational Materials
      Homeschooled Spelling Champ Meets President
      Homeschoolers Told: 'Thank Your Parents'
      South Carolina Debates Homeschooling Scholarships
      Tennessee Homeschoolers Stage Speaking Event
      Libertarian Editorialist Defends Homeschooling
      Membership Increases for Texas Homeschooling Group
      Colorado Homeschoolers Hold Track and Field Day
      California Homeschoolers Tie for Second in Chess Tournament
      California Homeschooler Swims in International Tournament

      <http://www.cybercollege.com> I'm teaching a journalism class in our
      homeschooling cooperative. So this site was quite a find: Cybercollege
      consists of free online lessons in mass communications, and film and
      television production. The opening page is less than impressive, and you
      might be tempted to rush past it. But dig around. You'll find scores of
      fascinating lessons in studio and field production, as well as the history
      of the media. This is a fabulous, completely illustrated online course in
      journalism. -- lmg

      FREAK DANCING. It's not the hustle, and it's not the macarena. Around the
      United States, school proms and dances have turned into "Playboy After
      Dark," where kids lie on the dance floor and simulate sexual acts. "They
      mimic Kama-Sutra positions to the beat of rap and techno music, [and touch]
      one another in ways that would frighten Pamala Anderson," says commentator
      Bill O'Reilly.
      But creative expression builds self esteem.

      CURRICULUM CHOICES. Teachers in a heavily Hispanic California school saw a
      dramatic improvement in test scores when they began using Saxon math books.
      But when they asked the Los Angeles school board for permission to continue
      using the texts, their request was denied. Instead, the district reiterated
      its plan to unify math instruction throughout the district.
      Regardless of what works.

      WHOSE CHILDREN ARE THEY? A Washington D.C. Council member is proposing that
      the age for compulsory education in the District be lowered from age five,
      to age three. The District's age cut-off is December 31, meaning that if the
      proposal passes, one third of the District's two-year-olds would also be
      forced into school for six hours a day. The councilman said that putting
      young children into the hands of the public school system "would force the
      school system to take charge and responsibility for every 3- and 4-year-old
      in the city to make sure they are prepared for kindergarten." His proposal
      is supported by a variety of school administrators.
      Hush, little baby, don't say a word. . .

      GROUP LEARNING. On average, there are one or two children suffering
      emotional or behavioral problems in every classroom in the State of
      Washington says a new study. Rather than being taught individually, though,
      children with serious mental illnesses -- such as bi-polar disorder, panic
      disorders, and schizophrenia -- are being taught in "mainstream" classrooms
      where teachers sometimes deal with severe disorders by shouting over the
      disruptive behavior or simply letting affected children do whatever they
      want in order to keep them from becoming violent.
      in�sti�tu�tion (noun): an established organization (as a school or hospital)
      of a public character; also: ASYLUM

      BUYING IN. A mother accidentally argues for homeschool in a column that
      rants against children and summer break. "By June I'm practically chomping
      at the bit, so very ready am I for school to be over, for the imposed
      structure of my children's schedule on my life to be lifted," she says. "I
      think we all need the lack of structure, whether we know it or not - a time
      to catch our breath and breathe deeply. If life is a merry-go-round, then
      there's no getting off. But at least in the summer, the horses start to
      saunter." But by September, she says, she's giddy at the thought of sending
      her kids back to school, so someone else can teach them.
      Ironic quote: On the subject of the school's upcoming school-year
      renovation: "Why not enjoy the upheaval? It won't last. Like the school
      year, it will end."

      Summer School: Three Strikes, You're � Held Back
      Kentucky Decides to Grade Standardized Tests on a 'Curve'
      Virginia Teachers Fail Teaching Tests En Masse
      Indiana Court Approves Exit Exams -- Even for Disabled Students
      Test Scores: The Rich Get Richer
      Texas Teachers Protest Legislation For Teacher Testing
      Ohio Parents Sue Over Test Scores, Blame School Funding Mechanism
      Wisconsin Test Scores Drop -- Dramatically
      Virginia 'Prescribes' Curriculum to Match SOL Assessments
      New York School Wrestle Over Standards

      Florida Kindergartner Pulls Handgun at School
      Violence Up Amongst Youngest Students; Seventh Consecutive Year
      Legal Controversy Arises over Weapon Searches
      Sex Crimes on the Increase, But NY Schools Ignore Recommendations
      Trial Delayed for Student Who Made Bomb Threat
      Knife Attack on Japanese Schoolgirl
      Protesting Parents Abduct School Administrator
      Teens Suspended Over Sex Acts at School
      Study: Georgia Students Bullied Over Sexual Orientation

      'Blame the Christians': School Board Bans All Extracurricular Clubs
      Summer School: A Prime Place to Ditch the Kids
      Indiana Pays Ex-Con Administrator $57K to Resign
      Connecticut School Administrators Propose Contraceptive Distribution
      Audit Results: More Money Missing From Detroit Schools
      Rhode Island Suspends 10% of Students
      Despite Multiple Violations, District Hires Driver Who Causes Nearly Fatal
      Controversy Over Supreme Court Decision Against Bible Stories in School
      Dallas Creates Efficient, Highly Computerized Truancy Courts

      And so it goes...

      "WHY WE HOMESCHOOL" LETTER OF THE WEEK: From Megan, a 16-year-old in Texas:
      "My mom checked me out of school earlier this year to home school me. My
      school counselor said that unless my mom enrolled me in a home schooling
      organization or I attended another public school, then my mom would go to
      jail. DO we have any choices? Can my mom legally home school me with our own
      curriculum? We need help, please. Thank you." (Take a deep breath. Megan's
      mom won't go to jail. I sent her a copy of the Texas homeschooling law, and
      referred her to the Homeschool Legal Defense Association. But I'm still
      fighting the urge to call the counselor myself to discuss the concept of
      psychological child abuse.)

      *HAVE HOMESCHOOLING STORIES? We'd like to share them with the world. We
      invite anecdotes about cute homeschooling moments, and brief explanations of
      why your family homeschools. Your stories may be published in this column,
      or included in one of the author's books. Please limit your submissions to
      about 50 words, and include your geographic location. Please send your
      stories to mykids@... <mailto:mykids@...>

      NEWS NOTE: We need your watchful eyes! Read a homeschooling news story on
      line? Let us know! We spend a lot of time searching, but we don't catch
      everything! You're invited to e-mail us about HS'ing news at news@...
      <mailto:news@...>. And a special thanks to Renee at Homeschool Haven
      for several of our recent news leads.

      You may freely distribute this entire column, or any part of it, so long as
      you attach this footer:
      This is WHY WE HOMESCHOOL NEWS for June 23, 2001
      Copyright LauraMaery Gold, 2001
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