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Fw: SURVEY: How did you start?

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  • melvin
    ... your ... Our homeschooling adventure started for us 9 years ago this March during Spring break. We had just lost a court battle with the school system
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      lmg writes:
      > <<Would you be kind enough to tell me how it is you came to be a
      > homeschooler? I am particularly interested in your reasons for taking
      > babeeze out of public school, but I'd also love to hear from those of you

      > convicted enough to have NEVER ps'ed. >>

      Our homeschooling adventure started for us 9 years ago this March during
      Spring break. We had just lost a court battle with the school system over
      our eldest daughter, who at that time was 13 and in Special Ed. She was
      labeled LD and the classes she was put into were doing her more harm than
      good. We even had a couple of teachers tell us in confidence that she was
      capable of doing more but that the system would not allow it and one
      teacher even told us of a lawyer who would take our case on for free. (That
      teacher now homeschools her children.) This went on for 2 years and
      finally the day came for our hearing and we lost. My husband and I cried.
      The lawyer wanted to take it to the next level in the court system, for
      free, cause he really believed that we had a case. But we told him we
      would have to pray first and did. The next day I was listening to the
      radio and heard the president of homeschooling for our state. It was a
      call in show so I called in and asked a few questions. He then proceeded
      to tell me that I could do it and where to call for more information. I
      did just that. That night we prayed again and put out a fleece to the Lord
      that if this was the way we should go that within 3 days we would hear
      something. By the way, we had never heard of homeschooling before this so
      it was all new and a step of faith. Three days later we recieved a call to
      take our children out of the school system that day. At that time we also
      had a daughter in kindergarten and a 4 year old at home. I did just that
      and then went straight to the thrift stores where I was able to purchase
      everything I needed for that year!

      At this point we were teaching strictly like the school system. Slowly I
      purchased homeschooling books that showed me different ways I could teach
      and we went to unit studies. Then 6 years ago my husband came home one day
      and informed us that the 2 TV's that we had were to be sold. He called it a
      buy one, get one free sale. We all just looked at him not being able to
      say anything. The Holy Spirit kept our mouths shut that day! That was the
      best move we ever made, besides homeschooling, for our children and
      ourselves! The children began to read more, play games together, etc. We
      are a very close family now. My eldest is 23, she still has a learning
      disability but has learned more than she would have ever in the school
      system and we don't have the bad habits that she was learning in those
      classrooms. Our other two, Angela (9th grade) and Adam (7th grade) and
      still being homeschooled. We evidentually got away from textbooks and do
      more reading from good historical and historical fiction books. We use the
      Robinson Curriculum, along with Saxon math, and we have done alot of what
      Charlotte Mason recommends, plus I've just bought the Well Trained Mind

      Homeschooling hasn't always been easy. We've had our bad days but we do
      love teaching our children. I've learned so much studying with them.
      History is probably our favorite subject and my husband loves reading the
      classics to the children. It is a challange to keep schooling them but I
      know that with our God's help we will see it through to the end.

      Elizabeth in Tennessee
      wife of 22 years to Melvin, mom to Danielle (23), Angela (14), and Adam (13)

      [MODERATOR: Wow. Thank you, Elizabeth! May I ask for the details of your
      court battle? I'd be fascinated to know what it is the school thought it
      knew better than that parents! -- lauramaery]
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