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  • 0-homeschoolreviews@yahoogroups.com
    Feb 1 12:54 AM
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      This is a monthly posting of policies for the 0-homeschoolreviews list.

      These policies are designed to keep the list clean, efficient, and helpful. We really are friendly people, but try to keep our personal conversations private, and off list. So here goes:

      1. We invite your contributions. When you contribute to the list, it helps if you put your contributions into this format:
      Name of resource
      Review of site, including a description of how you use/will use this resource in your own homeschool. Rating (one to five *'s).

      2. When responding to a message, please do NOT repost the entire message. Delete all but the pertinent line(s) to which you're responding.

      3. Thank you notes and personal notes are great...but please send them privately to the person you're thanking. Send your thank you's and questions directly to the person you're thanking. The moderator will not forward them to the list, and probably won't have time to forward them privately. (We'll send thank you's to the entire list if they're slipped into a regular contribution. Hint, hint. (See number one, above).) Remember, if you want to e-mail the author directly and your e-mail software doesn't display the address, you can always access it on-line, in our message archives <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/0-homeschoolreviews/messages>.

      4. If you forward messages from this list, please obtain permission from the author. When you forward messages, please include the footer that explains how others may subscribe to this list.

      5. No commercial promotions. This list is primarily for free resources. (Sometimes we let through a commerical product if there's a compelling reason to do so. But it's VERY rare.)

      6. By subscribing to the list, you have agreed that 1) your contributions may be edited as required for format, grammar, punctuation, etc., and 2) your contributions may appear in a future edition of one of the author's homeschooling books, including Homeschool Your Child for Free!

      We thank you for your willingness to help your fellow homeschoolers!

      --The Moderators

      List Mom: LauraMaery Gold

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