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369614-83.1 Adverse Drug Reactions from A to Z (Adderal to Zoloft) : SAR Supplement

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  • schafer
    Sep 2, 2010


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      Adverse Drug Reactions from A to Z (Adderal to Zoloft)

      Dr. Bernard Rimland, the founder of Autism Research Institute, would be enormously gratified that more and more parents are learning that autism is treatable. However, not all treatments are created equal. Many individuals on the autism spectrum may be given a recommendation for prescription medication to treat symptoms. Unfortunately, most commonly prescribed drugs have side effects that range from minor to severe to potentially fatal, and parents are often not informed about the potential side effects related to the drugs. One of our goals at ARI is to inform parents of the efficacy of various treatments, including prescription medication, for individuals with ASD. The ARI website includes a page that provides information and links to potential side effects for 40 common prescription medications, including both brand name and generic drugs. The list includes Adderal, Cylert, Effexor, Halcion, Luvox, Mellaril, Paxil, Prozac, Tegretol, Valium, Zoloft, and many others. Click here to visit the webpage.


      2009 ARI Funded Research Projects

      The Autism Research Institute (ARI) conducts, sponsors and supports research on the underlying causes of and treatments for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In order to provide parents and professionals with an independent, unbiased assessment of causal and treatment efficacy issues, ARI seeks no financial support from government agencies or drug manufacturers. We rely, therefore, on the generosity of donors to continue to advance autism research. Our founder Dr. Bernard Rimland was often quoted as saying "Research that makes a difference!" to remind us of the need to focus on what might be beneficial for people with ASDs here and now. The link below provides a summary of selected research projects funded by ARI in 2009. Research topics include but are not limited to:
      • effects of vitamin/mineral supplements on autism
      • assessment of T-cell immune function in autism
      • effect of NADH and ribose treatment on ATP
      • examination of in vitro mitochondrial function in human neuronal cell lines
      • clinical trial of levocarnitine to treat ASD
      • repository of tissues from children with and without autism
      • animal studies to examine biochemical and other abnormalities associated with PPA exposure, and whether these can be reduced by treatments such as diet, probiotics, etc.
      To see the summary of research projects, click on the link below: www.autism.com/pro_research_2009.asp.


      Gastrointestinal Consensus Report Now Available in Russian and French!

      Pediatrics (a journal of the American Association of Pediatrics) recently published two articles on gastrointestinal (GI) problems associated with autism. One, titled “Evaluation, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Gastrointestinal Disorders in Individuals with ASDs: A Consensus Report,” is a scientific review of the most current research on GI problems. This landmark paper is the result of many years of perseverance, and much of this effort was spearheaded by ARI. ARI now has had a summary of this paper translated into Russian and French. For other languages, please visit ARI's home page.

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