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  • *************************************************************************** Want access to this forum? Then first you'll need to... JOIN THE REAL BREAD CAMPAIGN at www.realbreadcampaign.org We'll then send you an invitation to The Real...
    821 members Last activity 5:33 AM
  • This group is in place to offer REAL FOOD from farmers or individuals who are buying in bulk to people living in the Omaha area. The food will be purchased directly from the farmer or company--not from anyone in this...
    144 members Last activity May 2
  • Information and updates for those who order from Azure Standard and pick up at the Siloam Springs drop point.
    82 members Last activity May 3
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  • Roots-n-wings was thought of to bring back to nature goods and wings for longivity living for our kids and ourselves. This group is for anyone exploring better food choices within...
    25 members Last activity 8:05 AM
  • This is a natural/organic food co-operative. Members are required to keep current with posts and notices, attend sorts, and actively participate in running the coop.
    37 members Last activity 11:56 AM
  • Real Food Kerrville is dedicated to providing buying opportunities for real, unprocessed, natural food.
    217 members Last activity 7:46 AM
  • We are a cooperative community of Calgary families pooling our resources to buy natural and organic food at less than retail prices.This group uses foodclub.org to order food in bulk from Horizon distributors five...
    41 members Last activity 10:26 AM
  • This group takes turn picking up great tasting grass-fed meat, raw dairy products, pastured eggs and other farm fresh products from Gramen Farm. Gramen Farm is not just a dairy farm, it's a health farm...
    14 members Last activity Apr 29
  • Co-op of families in The Woodlands picking up dairy and farm products for each other from Gramen Farm
    2 members Last activity Apr 24
  • Information regarding the Poplar Bluff Azure Standard drop, including ordering information, delivery schedule and bulk/case splits.
    37 members Last activity 6:44 AM