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  • Welcome to Liam Aiken's Official Fan Club. Browse around, leave us a message, share pictures, and as always have fun!
    433 members Last activity Nov 23
  • Fay Grim! , a new movie for Liam! check it out! HaPpY BiRtHDaYz to you, LIAM !! We all wish you to be happy forever O_O This group is for everyone who likes young actor , Liam Aiken. He...
    178 members Last activity Aug 21
  • Everyone here must be a Liamaniac! (A fan of Liam Aiken) And you hae to be nice about other actors, too. We all love Liam, but we don't want him associated with insulting other actor. Ciao
    70 members Last activity Aug 22
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  • Hey everyone! this is a great group about the one and only Liam Aiken!! if u are a true Liam fan please join this group!
    65 members Last activity Aug 23
  • Any one who thimks Liam Aiken is a Great actor and so cool!
    157 members Last activity Aug 21
  • This is a fun and interesting website, learn a lot about Liam Aiken, and meet other fans!
    63 members Last activity Aug 20
  • This group is for all the Liam Aiken fans out in the world!!!
    69 members Last activity Sep 21
  • This is a fan club group presented by First Liam Aiken Site (www.liam-aiken.us). Liam has appeared in Stepmom, Road To Perdition, Good Boy...
    1648 members Last activity Feb 9, 2014
  • Hi. so i made this group for Liam Aiken when i was like 14 years old, and now im 18 so if you wanna still join this lovely Liam Aiken Sight be my guest, im not gonna delete it because it seriously makes me laugh. but yah enjoy...
    282 members Last activity Nov 2, 2014
  • Are you a huge Liam Aiken fan? Then you've come to the right place. Welcome to ForeverLiam! Here, you can talk about the amazing and totally gorgeous actor named Liam Padraic Aiken . There...
    78 members Last activity Nov 23, 2013