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  • RawPaws™ Natural Rearing, Holistic Care and Feeding Species Appropriate Raw Diets for cats, dogs, ferrets, birds and other companion animals. The...
    1879 members Last activity Jan 11
  • This email list has been designed to discuss appropriate raw diets for cats. It is a sister list to the main rawfeeding list. For more generalised information about the raw diet, please go to the general raw feeding email list...
    6210 members Last activity Jan 12
  • This Group is NOT accepting new members. Please do not ask. Bowen, Gracie and Binx line up to witness a sunset.
    164 members Last activity Jan 7
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  • This page for Pet's Owner Only (No Dogs) Cat Lovers Anyone who wish to join this group are very welcome Any Comment for this webpage,.. Let's discuss about it!!
    149 members Last activity Jan 11
  • This group is designed to help dog, cat, and ferret owners conduct research into the commercial pet food industry as well as yearly vaccinations. These two issues are the root of many of the ailments facing our pets...
    382 members Last activity May 14, 2014
  • Feeding Raw to cats ... UNCENSORED!!!! This is typically a very low-volume group. So sitting back and waiting won't get your questions answered. But ask, and answers will come...
    63 members Last activity Aug 20, 2014
  • Dear Team Members, I take the pleasure of inviting you to this yahoo groups which will discuss about the proceedings of the operational research carried out at SAATHII for enhancing the STI services for...
    56 members Last activity Apr 25, 2013
  • cats cat s black dolls names in the hat stevens pictures power artic scan breeds food costume vg fat 5 woman halloween kitty and dogs cheshire siamese urine funny eye makeup litter costumes behavior bowling scratch face bengal cradle health wild fever 6...
    48 members Last activity Nov 15, 2013
  • This group will be helpful to communicate for all Residence Engineers who come under Central Region, By this way we can share the our knowledge as well faced problems & their solutions
    26 members Last activity Apr 15, 2013
  • This is a group to allow Grandma Mae's Country Naturals retailers only to discuss how to best sell the brand.
    19 members Last activity Oct 29, 2013