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  • WELCOME TO FLHC2! Do you think SUPER long hair is beautiful? Then join us and celebrate the beauty of VERY Long Hair and learn how to grow and maintain it! We have 100s of long hair photos and loads of...
    9871 members Last activity Nov 6, 2016
  • Welcome to www.amazing-hair.de ! This group is for all long hair fans, which love amazing hair! Here you can see a lot of photos and videos of my extreme long amazing hair. New Update - more than 50 new wonderful...
    4039 members Last activity Mar 22, 2015
  • Mission Statement The Sisterlocks Consultants Networking group endeavors to provide a consultant-friendly forum that fosters support in terms of sharing and growth. We encourage pride, professionalism, and a...
    47 members Last activity Feb 16, 2016
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  • fans of long hair are here! Collected every kind of long hair from 70cm to 170cm
    1188 members Last activity 7:22 AM
  • i love long hair,buns,,braids like to photograph and make girlfriends with long hairs
    1631 members Last activity 11:22 AM
  • Most women like nothing better than the chance the dress up and where their hair in formal upstyle. The upstyle is a sign of weddings, formals, homecomings and most of all of elegance and glamor. Whether your hair is...
    346 members Last activity 10:35 AM
  • This group encourages to capture long haired women's photographs and also shows importance of the long hair in present world.
    536 members Last activity 6:04 PM
  • Hello long hair buffs, welcome to my group, this group is here for people who love long hair but has had a few nightmarish experiences with their hair. If you are someone who went to a salon for a so called[trim],and you...
    1524 members Last activity Dec 15
  • This group is for everyone to talk about different way of cutting hair and having haircuts. No matter if you are having or giving a haircut at the salon or at home we all love talking about hair. This is also the Part 2...
    2215 members Last activity Dec 15
  • This is a group to share your long hair Videos that you've saved from your favorite TV shows. Very long hair, very long hair being cut, whatever your favorite, share it with the group !
    1204 members Last activity Dec 12