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  • Grup de discutii si informare al Asociatiei Romane de Psihoterapie Analitica
    154 members Last activity Aug 30
  • This egroup is for those who are studying Infinitization of Selfhood, Volume VII in Tapestry of the Gods series by Michael D. Robbins, PhD., and associated non-dual...
    11 members Last activity Aug 30
  • FAKES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED: In order to be accepted as a member, IN SIGNING UP you must provide your real name and use it or the nickname your colleagues know you by. If you fail to provide your...
    349 members Last activity May 12, 2014
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  • The dreamachine (or dream machine) is a stroboscopic flicker device that produces visual stimuli. Artist Brion Gysin and scientist Ian Sommerville created the dreamachine after reading William...
    322 members Last activity Jan 30
  • Current frank discussions about the use and abuse of sublimnal messages ranging from body language to Madison Avenue images. [Club image by permission Dr. Eldon Taylor at innertalk.com an expert in subliminal messaging.]
    356 members Last activity Aug 20
  • GENERAL_THEORY is online forum that discusses the problems of construction of general and applied theories with particular interest in the theory of consciousness
    29 members Last activity 11:38 AM
  • Olasılıkların biraraya getirdiği hayata birlikte başlamış bir grup insanın dünya üzerine dağıldıktan yıllar sonra hayatı algılayışlarını paylaştıkları iyinin ve kötünün ötesinde bir ortam.
    65 members Last activity Aug 23
  • This message board, sponsored by the Intuition Network, will serve as a place where individuals can register intuitive and psychic impressions regarding possible future events. Prospective members to this list...
    431 members Last activity Jul 30
  • Yahoo Group for those who will visit The HE News and Chat Portal. ↑ Grab this Headline Animator
    33 members Last activity Nov 12, 2013
  • parents of kids with global developmental delay and how they are coping into integrating them into the main stream and how they can be helped to lead normal lives.
    16 members Last activity Feb 24, 2014