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  • الثقافة السودانية الاسلامية
    67 members Last activity Nov 5, 2013
  • كرحبا ب�ك �ٍ جرننب حس�� اف�رغنل افكدكر ��ل نبغد الٍ ا�دك ف�ك �ف افتتكلام �ٍ جرننب حسل اف�رغنل افكدكر ا�دك براكج م�ر @أسفاكٍات @ �لنل @ ا�فاك @افغاب @رٍاضة@ث�ا�ة@ ا�الٌ...
    77 members Last activity Jun 19, 2014
  • Assalaamu 'Alaikum, how are you guys doing? instead of each one of us trying to have our own list, and it not being complete, i put together this email list. So now we are all on this list. it's just a good way for us to keep in contact...
    80 members Last activity Sep 9, 2012
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  • Descussing Nubians Culture For Sudanese And Egyptians And There Friends , And Everything About Halfa
    84 members Last activity Sep 9, 2012
  • احبابٍ ناغزاءٍ سفاك كل �ؤادٍ فبفد�ك افحبٍب �ك اشتا� نف�ف كامن سندالٍ الا فم تنا� افرجاء ال ت�نلنا غفٌ اتصاف باخنا�ك نصدٍ��ك كحكد ( كتٍك افسندال ) ( سندال )
    8 members Last activity Jul 19, 2011
  • For me and Master, My love
    12 members Last activity Feb 18, 2010
  • You are all welcomed to join this group, I'll save some files that you will enjoy. Zizenhou
    9 members Last activity Jun 5, 2012
  • اهلا وسهلا هذا القروب السودانيين في السعوديه ..............وخصوصا العلاقات الحميمه
    8 members Last activity Oct 9, 2013
  • no coment
    5 members Last activity Dec 18, 2009