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  • DISCLAIMER NOTICE: THIS GROUP HAS NO AFFILIATION WITH FOOD NETWORK OR ANY CHEF! Who knew that a kid working in the local Portuguese bakery would...
    233 members Last activity Nov 16, 2014
  • Welcome to Culinary of Filipino Chefs Society, an e-network of Filipino chefs. OBJECTIVES: 1. To promote camaraderie among Filipino chefs around the world. 2. To share information on a variety of...
    197 members Last activity Jan 15
  • Group to share all info from Chef Peter & each other :)
    8 members Last activity Sep 26, 2014
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  • This is a group created to discuss and plan the Panteria (SCA Panthervale) Meal Plan menu and to share information with each other regarding SCA Feast planing.
    6 members Last activity Apr 21, 2014
  • SE VUOI ISCRIVERTI AL GVCI MANDA UN E-MAIL CON IL TUO CV ALLEGATO A GVCI2001-owner@yahoogroups.com ******** GVCI La prima e unica...
    2266 members Last activity 2:52 AM
  • Chef-de-recruit is the destination for hospitality employment and job opportunities online! Search hotel jobs, restaurant jobs, catering jobs, food journalism jobs, travel jobs, resort jobs, chef jobs, and all foodservice...
    146 members Last activity Aug 2
  • Jamie Oliver is a "wicked" chef. He makes "lovely jubly" food, and it tastes just "pukka". "I'm really pleased with that" he says. Anyone who watches the show as religiously as I do will notice the quotes...
    498 members Last activity Aug 2
  • Yeah, we're all just cookin' in here, so why don't you come in and Join us? Ahhhhh! See!!! You can't think of an excuse can you?!? Well, you don't need an excuse, coz you've got all you could even need right here - JAMIE!!!
    133 members Last activity Aug 3
  • Grupo para descobridores de novos sabores feitos com os produtos iSi. Group for the discovers of new flavours made with iSi products.
    3 members Last activity 9:35 PM
  • BIOGRAPHY Name: Robert William Flay Date of birth: December 10, 1964 Place: New York City, NY Education: Culinary Arts, French Culinary...
    204 members Last activity Aug 3