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  • Order of Interbeing communication group, replacing OI-Announce and Oi-Discussion as of April 2014. If you want to join, please put your TRUE NAME and your ACTUAL NAME in...
    412 members Last activity 12:01 PM
  • Welcome to the Yahoo Group for Deep River Sangha, a Community of Mindful Living. We practice weekly sitting and walking meditation in the tradition of the Venerable Thich...
    240 members Last activity Mar 2
  • The e-group used as part of ZCLA's Shared Stewardship training for members to disseminate information and to promote discussion of dharma topics.
    146 members Last activity 11:54 AM
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  • The InsightPractice list is for the discussion and questions about Buddhism and its theory and practice. Its primary topics include Buddhist ideas and doctrines, both ancient and modern. They also include...
    1277 members Last activity 1:09 PM
  • A group of women who meet to discuss & support each other's Zen practice.
    8 members Last activity Feb 20
  • Residents of Sweetwater Zen Center--a practicing Zen Community
    20 members Last activity Mar 1
  • This is an unmoderated group with membership originally limited to that of the Cambridge Buddhist Association sangha. It is now open to any Buddhist practitioners who wish to join, and currently has no relationship...
    90 members Last activity Feb 27
  • True Names Sangha is a group practicing Mindfulness in the Zen Buddhist tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. We enjoy our breathing and walking meditation on...
    49 members Last activity Mar 2
  • A meditation group in Bristol following the teachings of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.
    53 members Last activity Feb 21
  • Historically Zen (Chan in Chinese) is considered to be a sect of Buddhism which dates back to the first Patriarch Bodhidharma (pictured), a Buddhist monk originally from southern...
    402 members Last activity 5:32 PM