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  • This HandSpring Club was created to bring Visor users together to learn through interaction. Become a member to post questions, and chat with other Visor fans.
    821 members Last activity Jun 23
  • Welcome to Handspring Philippines Group! Here, at Handspring Philippines' Forum, you could post your inquiries, as well as problems encountered with the Visor, we will try to...
    217 members Last activity 3:15 PM
  • A place to talk about the Visor PDA by Handspring.
    1056 members Last activity 11:17 PM
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  • A true Springboard is plug and play, and installs and uninstalls approprate software automatically. The MemPlug is beautiful. I popped it in my Visor, inserted a 32 Meg...
    151 members Last activity 4:50 AM
  • Handspring Treo 270.
    282 members Last activity 5:32 AM
  • This group is for those who owned treo 650 and stayed in Indonesia. Communicate and share softwares, tools among members I'll try to update files that's needed for treo 650
    135 members Last activity 1:23 PM
  • For discussion of the Handspring VisorPhone, voice & data services, setting it up, and cool stuff you can do with it, etc. Also International Roaming (It's a Dual Band 900/1900 GSM)
    73 members Last activity Jul 31
  • Forum for Handspring developers.
    76 members Last activity Jul 31
  • Forum for Handspring Visor developers.
    79 members Last activity 9:15 PM
  • MemPlug SD/MMC is an adapter of the stamp size Security Digital and MultiMedia memory card. Moreover, it comes with a build-in vibrating alarm a feature that many Handspring Visor...
    2635 members Last activity May 6, 2014