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  • Questions on OpenCV - the Open Source Computer Vision Library - are answered here...
    49434 members Last activity 2:08 PM
  • Mixed Integer Programming (MIP) solver This group contains the latest version of lp_solve, a free (see LGPL in the Files section for the GNU lesser general public license) linear (integer) programming solver with full source...
    10968 members Last activity Aug 28
  • This group is for users of KiCad, the amazing integrated EDA program. Not only does it capture schematics and layout PCBs, it is open source, free and runs on a range of platforms...
    4876 members Last activity 3:43 PM
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  • Discussion of Vowpal Wabbit online learning software.
    501 members Last activity 12:13 PM
  • The PCGen Experimental group is the place for new data source development for PCGen, the RPG character generator. Requests for new data, experimental data, drafts for code feature requests and the future direction of PCGen's development...
    1187 members Last activity Sep 1
  • To aid in the creation/editing/understanding of PCGen list files and documentation
    1941 members Last activity Aug 2
  • Where the PCGen Code Developers discuss matters of Architecture, UI and the Core components of PCGen.
    97 members Last activity Aug 22
  • The milter-greylist mailing list is for discussion of Emmanuel Dreyfus' milter-greylist milter for sendmail. The official project homepage can be found here: http://hcpnet.free.fr/milter-greylist/ All subscription requests are manually...
    370 members Last activity Aug 26
  • Forum for discussion of the free open source PixelMed Java DICOM toolkit written by David Clunie, available at "http://www.pixelmed.com" . The group provides an opportunity to discuss use, problems, development, features...
    357 members Last activity Aug 27
  • Discussion group for wikidPad.
    1905 members Last activity Sep 2